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    Helping Kids through the Pandemic
    Posted on 05/21/2020

    Our counselors are hearing from more and more of our families that your kids are really struggling with the difficulty of staying at home. They are missing friends, feeling alone, struggling with online learning, getting stir crazy or bored.

    As parents we are juggling work, worrying about our kids & the dual role of parent/teacher all in the midst of so much uncertainty.

    These are very trying times and there are no easy answers, but here are a few resources that may help. Know you are not alone in your struggles and keep in mind that this too shall pass.

    Please read these two articles for some tips on how to help your child cope with the current situation.

    How to Help your Teenagers if They're Having a Tough Time during the Pandemic: Seattle Times

    Coping during COVID-19 Resources for Parents:

    Need a pick-me-up?
    Remember to breathe… and make time for yourself! These are extremely challenging times for all of us & we are having to call on all our personal resources to deal with the stresses of trying to balance work, supporting our kids, being both parent & teacher, worrying about our own health or the health of those we care about, etc.

    If you’re having a rough day or moment, try a few of the following mood-improvers that might help you to make the best of an otherwise challenging day, courtesy of Breathe magazine.

    Quick pick-me-ups:

    1. Breathe: Take conscious, deep breaths when things aren’t going your way. Focus on inhaling joy and exhaling tension and repeat until you’re feeling more upbeat.

    2. Engage your senses: Spend a few moments observing a beautiful flower. Let its color, aroma, and vitality bring you fully into the present, until the bloom instills a sense of bliss within you.

    3. Read a positive affirmation: A few wise words can lift your spirits. Recite a positive affirmation or receive an inspiring note from the universe (the website is useful for this) to remind you that life is magical.

    4. Pay someone a compliment: Being gracious or kind toward someone else can direct your mind away from temporary annoyances.
    Five-minute pick-me-ups:
    1. Listen to music that moves your soul: Create a fun playlist that reminds you of happy moments to help you get through difficult days.

    2. Write a gratitude list: Your day might not have started well but focus on what you’re thankful for.

    3. Talk to a friend: Make space in your life for people who are generally cheerful and optimistic, and let their magic rub off on you. Reach out to those friends and talk to them over the phone as needed.

    4. Laugh: Watch a funny video of comical sketch and enjoy a healthy belly laugh.
    Leisurely pick-me-ups:
    1. Exercise: Overcome a low mood by getting out of your head and into your body. Go for a walk, run, or cycle. Or why not dance around the kitchen?

    2. Be in nature: Time spent in nature can work wonders. Even looking out the window to watch birds fly by can give you a boost.