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    Hybrid Learning Starts April 19
    Posted on 04/16/2021
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    Hybrid Learning Begins Monday, April 19, 2021

    The schedule of classes will be changing effective on Monday April 19th. The classes that meet on Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday WON’T change, but the TIMING of the classes WILL.

    NEW SCHEDULE for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (Wednesday schedule remains the same)
    9-9:40 Period 1 or Period 4
    9:45-10:25 Period 2 or Period 5
    10:30-11:10 Period 3 or Period 6
    11:10-11:40 LUNCH and Travel to In Person Learning (if applicable)
    11:40-11:55 Arrival and Check in
    11:55-1:10 Period 1 or 4 (split between students in person and those remote)
    1:10-1:15 Passing Time to next class
    1:15-2:30 Period 2 or 5 (split between students in person and those remote)
    2:30-2:35 Passing Time to next class
    2:35-3:50 Period 3 or 6 (split between students in person and those remote)

    IN A NUTSHELL instead of having equal parts synchronous and asynchronous, all synchronous instruction will happen in the morning. ALL students attend this regardless of in person learning participation. The AFTERNOON asynchronous time will be for support and practice. Teachers should be communicating when remote students will be “tuning in” for the afternoon sessions. The first week might get a little confusing but we’ll get it worked out!

    COHORT A means in the afternoon your student will be IN PERSON on Mondays (periods 1,2,3) and Tuesdays (periods 4,5,6) and remote only Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

    COHORT B means in the afternoon your student will be REMOTE Monday (periods 1,2,3) and Tuesdays (periods 4,5,6) and Wednesday and IN PERSON on Thursday afternoons (periods 1,2,3) and Friday Afternoons (periods 4,5,6)
    COHORT C means your students will be 100% remote M-F


    Please complete the attestation by 10 am on the days when your student will be on site. My understanding is in the attestation process, you can indicate your student can complete it for themselves, it can be sent directly to their cell phone (where applicable) but more importantly if the attestation is NOT completed on a day, we can have the student complete it without a delay in learning. Otherwise we need to get in touch with you to complete it. If you don't get emailed the link to the online attestation, you can find it here: ATTESTATION

    There will be signs directing students to go to the field in the back of the school. The student walkway will be clearly marked by signage. Students go to the field to find the teacher they will see first that day (Monday/Thursdays it will be FIRST period, Tuesday/Friday it will be FOURTH period).
    Teacher names will be organized by GRADE LEVEL and by TEACHER LAST NAME. Once the student is used to doing this it will be a cinch!

    Any other year students would be getting lockers. They won’t be this year. As they will be carrying their backpacks from class to class, please help they limit what they put in their backpacks as they can get heavy quickly.

    Students will need help remembering this. It’s a good idea to put a sticker or a name tag on their charger in case they forget it in a class. We expect a fully charged laptop should not need to be plugged in for the 4+ hours in the afternoon for in person learning. Just in case, please ask your student to put it in their backpack.

    Drinking fountains are not in use so students will need to bring a bottle filled with water to drink. Also would be helpful to put their name on or something they can identify.

    Since we know that many of our students are walking to and from school and we want to support you in being able to reach your student, cell phones are allowed however should be silenced and kept out of sight.

    Will be communicated by teachers.

    SNACK (optional)
    Students can bring a snack to eat on their way to school or on their way home. To minimize exposure to one another, eating will not be allowed in the building. Students who arrive early can sit (socially distanced) to eat. Lunch is available for grab and go. These lunches are free however depending on how long it takes for students to arrive, they might not have an opportunity to eat the lunch until after school. Students will not be allowed to eat in the cafeteria.

    I’m sure you have other questions but I don’t want this to be too long. Please email me any questions you may have. If there are recurring questions, I will sent out a FAQ to common questions. I can’t wait to meet all of your kids!

    Sincerely- Jolene Anderson

    Jolene Anderson
    Assistant Principal
    6th Grade House Administrator
    Eckstein Middle School
    wk cell (206)702-7471 Call or Text