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    Schedule Change Requests
    Posted on 08/29/2019
    To request a schedule change:
    1) MISSING PERIOD ASSIGNMENT:  If the student's schedule has no class assignment for a period, they should go to their counselor during the period where they have NO assigned class.
    2) WRONG PLACEMENT IN CORE CLASS: If you believe your student has been placed in the wrong class level, they should go to their counselor during that class period.
    3) ALL OTHER CHANGE REQUESTS: For all other reasons to change a schedule, including electives, students need to complete a SCHEDULE CHANGE REQUEST FORM located outside the main office and place it in the counselor's mailbox in the main office.
    The counselor will contact the student directly to discuss this change.  Students need to follow their assigned schedule until contacted by the counselor.

    Please note: Students missing classes receive top priority for changes.

    Sixth Grade: Ms. Santacruz-Ochoa
    Seventh Grade: Ms. Ziadeh
    Eighth Grade: Ms. Duncan