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    School Supply List
    Posted on 08/12/2019
    ECKSTEIN SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST FOR 2019 2020: Required for all students
    • One 3” heavy duty three-ring notebook (maybe an extra one for later in the year, if needed due to wear and tear.) Many students use a zippered binder for conveniently transporting materials between classes and home.

    • Notebook dividers (5 tab minimum)

    • 1 sturdy, two-pocket bifold folder with hole punches

    • 1 package of notecards – 3 x 5 or 5 x 7 – student choice of size Pencil pouch

    • Writing supplies (no Sharpies allowed):
      • 4 dozen sharpened pencils - 12 per quarter
      • 32 pens (black or blue) - 8 per quarter
      • 4 highlighters – 1 per quarter
      • 2 fine-tip black non-permanent markers (ie. Flair or Pilot brand)

    • 500 sheets of lined College rule notebook paper (125 sheets per quarter)

    • Erasers Flash (thumb) drive, if preferred; Students are encouraged to use OneDrive (School’s on-line storage)

    • Four-operation calculator: If you are in a 7th or 8th grade or higher math class, wait to get specific instructions from your teacher about the calculator you will need

    6th and 8th grade students: 5 composition notebooks – 80-100 college rule pages

    7th grade students: 6 composition notebooks – 80-100 college rule pages (2 are for Lang. Arts classes)

    8th grade students: 1 additional 1.5” view binder is required for your Language Arts class; the notebook will stay at school so it can be a used binder, if preferred

    If your student struggled to keep track of their work last year, consider getting red and green two-pocket bifold folders with hole punches. Label the red folder “Work to Take Home” and the green folder, “Work to Turn In.” Another approach students could try is using an accordian-type file to store and sort their papers for classes.

    Individual teachers may request additional supplies once students are assigned to their classes. Teachers will provide this information during the first week of school.

    See your House Administrator or Counselor if you need assistance with getting these supplies.

    Donations of any of these supplies are greatly appreciated and can be dropped off in the Main Office after August 26th. Thank You.