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    Welcome to Eckstein - Fall 2020
    Posted on 08/27/2020

    Eckstein Fall 2020

    Find Information about Eckstein
    Upcoming Dates
    Student Schedules Update
    Student Schedule Changes
    Remote Learning Updates
    Athletics 2020/21 Information
    2020/21 Yearbook Information & Spirit Gear
    School Supply List
    Learn about Our PTSA
    Support is Available
    Meet Our Grade Level Administrators


    Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!!!

    I hope that you have been safely able to enjoy some summer adventures. We are looking forward to "seeing” your student(s) and catching up in a couple short weeks. A special welcome to our new families joining our Eckstein community. We are glad you are with us for your child’s middle school journey!

    Our Administrative team at Eckstein, along with staff, have been busy planning for the year ahead and remote learning. We learned a lot last Spring and will be growing in our delivery and practices this fall. Building Leadership Team, Department Heads, and Teacher Leaders are planning Professional Development for our back-to-school teacher training days, all in an effort to ensure we provide the best experience for our students and their families. As Eckstein staff return to school, we will be training on the following areas: best practices for remote instruction, building relationships and engagement in the remote setting, consistent procedures and protocols (think online platforms!) for remote learning, all with racial equity as the through line.

    Please know that at Eckstein we are committed to providing a high quality, engaging curriculum for our students. We will continue our work in becoming an anti-racist school where students and adults thrive. We know this year is going to be very different as we launch remotely. This is uncharted territory for all of us, but as a community we will come together on this journey.

    Students must have a dedicated computer to use during the day for our remote learning. If your student does not have a laptop or desktop computer for use during the day, please email Deneen Evans at immediately so we can get a laptop into your student's hands. We have plenty in stock at Eckstein ready to be picked up. For more information on our laptop distribution, scroll down to our Remote Learning section in this email.

    Kristin Rose, Principal



    • August 25:  WEB Day
    • September 4: First day of school for 1st – 12th grade students
    • September 7: Labor Day (no school)
    • September 8: First day of school for kindergarten, all preschool students
    • September 9, 10, 11: TENTATIVE Distribution Days
    • September 14 @ 7 pm: Virtual PTSA Board Meeting
    • October 9: State In-service Day (no school)
    • October 12 @ 7pm: Virtual PTSA General Meeting
    • November 11: Veterans Day (no school)
    • November 23 – 25: Middle & High School Classes IN CLASS
    • November 26 – 27: Thanksgiving break (no school) Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Day
    • December 18: 1-hour early dismissal (winter break)
    • December 21, 2020 – January 1, 2021: Winter break (no school)


    Our Registrar, Ms. Morgan has worked hard to get schedules ready and out prior to the first day of school.

    • Schedules will be released on the Source this year, not mailed home.
    • We will send a robo-email when schedules are loaded and ready to be viewed.
    • We are working to have them completed by the end of the day on Monday, August 31st.
    • If you know that your student will not be attending Eckstein, please let Ms. Morgan know by emailing her at


    Please remember that Eckstein’s schedule is very complex and electives are not guaranteed. We prioritize the scheduling of core academic classes and reading/math empowerment classes to ensure that all students are in the appropriate courses. We cannot accommodate teacher choice. We do our best to honor elective choices when possible.
    If you have questions or concerns regarding your student’s schedule, please email the grade level counselor. Be sure to include your phone number.</p>



    We are planning to have three days for families to come to the back of the school to pick up student bags with their textbooks, workbooks, student planners and yearbooks if they ordered one. These will be drive-thru/walk-thru stations. Each student will have a bag ready to be picked up. Families will be able to stay in their cars.
    We plan to allow families to use this time to pick up instruments and laptops if still needed. We would love help with distribution scheduled for the afternoons of September 9, 10 & 11.

    If you would like to volunteer and/or would like more information on volunteering for this event, please contact Julia Detering at We would LOVE your help!


    Eckstein staff uses Schoology regularly, posting classroom syllabi, assignments and other important information. Students at Eckstein must access Schoology in tandem with TEAMS to successfully navigate remote learning. If your student is having difficulty accessing either of these programs, please contact your grade level administrator ASAP. Parents are encouraged to access Schoology and the Source to help students stay on track and stay informed. To sign up and/or login, go to the ‘student portal’ at the TOP of the SPS website

    The District is working on training guides for students and parents. We will send out a link as soon as we receive it.


    9-9:50 Period 1 9-9:50 Period 4
    9-9:35 - Homeroom
    9-9:50 Period 1
    9-9:50 Period 4
    9:55-10:45 Period 1
    Asynchronous Time (On Demand) /Small Groups
    9:55-10:45 Period 4
    Asynchronous Time (On Demand)/Small Groups
    9:40-10:10 - Period 1
    Small Groups/Independent Work
    9:55-10:45 Period 1
    Asynchronous Time (On Demand)/ Small Group
    9:55-10:45 Period 4
    Asynchronous Time (On Demand)/Small Groups
    10:45-10:55 BREAK 10:45-10:55 BREAK 10:15-10:45 - Period 2
    Small Groups/Independent Work
    10:45-10:55 BREAK 10:45-10:55 BREAK
    10:55-11:45 Period 2
    10:55-11:45 Period 5
    10:50-11:20 - Period 3 
    Small Groups/Independent Work
    10:55-11:45 Period 2
    10:55-11:45 Period 5
    11:50-12:40 Period 2
    Asynchronous Time (On Demand)/Small Groups
    11:50-12:40 Period 5
    Asynchronous Time (On Demand)/Small Groups
    11:20 - 12:05 - LUNCH 11:50-12:40 Period 2
    Asynchronous Time (On Demand)/Small Groups
    11:50-12:40 Period 5
    Asynchronous Time (On Demand)/Small Groups
    12:40-1:25 Lunch & Enrichment Activities (TBD) 12:40-1:25 Lunch & Enrichment Activities (TBD) 12:05-12:35 - Period 4 
    Small Groups/Independent Work
    12:40-1:25 Lunch & Enrichment Activities (TBD) 12:40-1:25 Lunch & Enrichment Activities (TBD)
    1:25-2:15 Period 3
    1:25-2:15 Period 6
    12:40 - 1:10 - Period 5
    Small Groups/Independent Work
    1:25-2:15 Period 3
    1:25-2:15 Period 6
    2:20-3:10 Period 3
    Asynchronous Time (On Demand)/Small Groups
    2:20-3:10 Period 6
    Asynchronous Time (On Demand)/Small Groups
    1:15 - 1:45 - Period 6
    Small Groups/Independent Work
    2:20-3:10 Period 3
    Asynchronous Time (On Demand)/Small Groups
    2:20-3:10 Period 6
    Asynchronous Time (On Demand)/Small Groups
    3:15-3:50 Enrichment Activities (TBD) 3:15-3:50 Enrichment Activities (TBD) 1:45 - 2:35
    Enrichment Activities (TBD)
    3:15-3:50 Enrichment Activities (TBD) 3:15-3:50 Enrichment Activities (TBD)

    Middle school and High School: A through C- or Incomplete will be the grading approach for 2020-21. This model allows teachers to communicate student progress towards standards while supporting all students, especially students of color furthest from educational justice, to graduate on-time and become career and college ready during the remote school re-opening .

    Seattle Public Schools will be using Microsoft Teams district-wide to support remote learning. Teams is a safe and secure option for our students and staff. It integrates with our existing systems and learning platforms, including Schoology. It provides a safe way to video, call, or chat with students, with a record kept of all activity. Many other districts are also using this as their platform, like Bellevue, Tacoma, and Los Angeles Unified.

    Seattle Public Schools is committed to providing laptops to middle school students on a 1 to 1 ratio. If your student does not have a dedicated laptop to use during the school day please email Deneen Evans at Distribution days will be on Saturday, August 29 from 10 am – 1 pm and on Monday, August 31 from 4 pm – 7 pm. We will need you to complete the Student Laptop Agreement form. You can download the form and read more information here:

    Please visit the SPS FAQ web page:
    Read some of the frequently asked questions about technology, teaching and learning & SPED. Ask your own questions as well.

    ATHLETICS – 2020/21

    Recently, the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) put forth guidelines for schools to follow as a way to ensure student-athletes, coaches, and athletic support staff are in an environment that is safe. As such, the WIAA has adjusted the athletic sports seasons (WIAA 2020-21 Season Calendar).
    In alignment with WIAA guidance, Seattle Public Schools will move the start of its middle school athletic activities to January 2021. We are not allowed to facilitate game competitions until our county reaches Phase 3 of the governors “Safe Start Plan.” Please continue to abide by state official safety guidelines as we look to return to middle school athletic operations later this school year.


    If you ordered 2019/20 yearbook, it will be placed in your student bags and to be given out during Distribution Day.

    What a year for a yearbook! We have a staff of committed eighth graders ready to think outside the box to document this momentous year. We are excited to showcase student experiences through images, art, and writing to create a book like never before.
    More than ever we will need support from the Eckstein community. We have created an Instagram account, eckstein.yearbook, where you can follow our journey and keep up to date on requests for images and content.
    You will be able to reserve a copy through SchoolPay starting on 8/23/20. Find SchoolPay in your student's Schoology account.

    2020/21 Yearbook Ordering Schedule
    Yearbooks are $28
    8/23/20 – 9/12/20
    10/11/20 – 10/31/20
    11/29/20 – 12/10/20
    Due to regulations we can only offer yearbooks for ordering in three-week intervals. Below are our open yearbook ordering schedule. The preferred method of payment is through SchoolPay located in your student’s Schoology account. You can also order by sending a check made out to Eckstein Middle School. Please put your student’s name in the comments section on the check and mail to: Eckstein MS, 3003 NE 75th Street, Seattle, 98115. ~ Haley Stern . French Teacher & Yearbook Advisor, Eckstein Middle School

    Order your Eckstein Spirit Gear now! Here's the online ordering form.
    Please note: ASB does not make any money on this gear. It's just to get kids spirit gear.


    • One 3” heavy duty three-ring notebook.
      • Many students use a zippered binder for conveniently transporting materials between classes and home.
      • If your student struggled to keep track of their work last year, consider getting two different colored two-pocket bifold folders with hole punches. Label one folder “Work to Take Home” and the other folder, “Work to Turn In.”
      • Another approach some try is use of an “accordion” type file to store and sort their papers for classes.
    • Notebook dividers (5 tab minimum)
    • 1 packet of grid paper
    • 1 package of notecards – 3 x 5 or 5 x 7 – student choice of size
    • Pencil pouch
    • Writing supplies (no Sharpies allowed):
      • 2 dozen sharpened pencils - 6 per quarter
      • 2 dozen pens (black or blue) - 6 per quarter
      • 4 highlighters – 1 per quarter
      • 2 fine-tip black non-permanent markers (ie. Flair or Pilot brand)
    • 500 sheets of lined College rule notebook paper (125 sheets per quarter)
    • Erasers
    • Scientific calculator preferred for 7th and 8th grade math. Four-function acceptable. For higher level classes, wait for specific instructions from your teacher regarding a graphing calculator.
    • Colored pencils are highly recommended
    • Grade level specific needs:
      • EIGHTH GRADE: An additional 1.5” view binder is required for your Language Arts class. The notebook will stay at school so it can be a used binder, if preferred; 5 composition notebooks ; 80-100 college rule pages
      • SEVENTH GRADE: 6 composition notebooks; 80-100 college rule pages (2 are for Lang. Arts classes)
      • SIXTH GRADE: 5 composition notebooks; 80-100 college rule pages; basic calculator

    Individual teachers may request additional supplies once students are assigned to their classes. Teachers will provide this information during the first week of school. You can also check the website for updates.

    Donations of any of these supplies are greatly appreciated once we reopen.


    Welcome Letter from PTSA co-Presidents
    Welcome to the school year! We expect it to be full of both interesting challenges and silver-lining-surprises, as we move through covid and the many other happenings in our world.

    Whether you are new to Eckstein or a returning family, you are a welcomed part of a strong, caring learning community. The kids provide us with hope and inspiration. The teachers and the administration provide deep expertise and passion for public education. And the families provide strength and community. Thank you for making Eckstein a great place to learn, grow, and work.

    In a time when we are all physically separated, it is important for us to come together in the ways that we can. The Eckstein PTSA hopes to help this year with a focus on making connections - between home, school and the broader community. That might mean providing teachers with extra, unique resources as they start the year with online teaching. Or that might mean partnering with other organizations to support families in need with food and technology with during covid. Or that might mean providing opportunities for us to learn together about how structural racism and inequities affect our school and students’ everyday learning. Or that might mean bringing Eckstein’s needs and learnings to the Seattle and WA State PTSAs. And when we can gather again, the PTSA will be sure to host and support school events for all.

    Want to be part of this? Have an idea and want to help make Eckstein even better? Want to share some of your time by volunteering? Then join the Eckstein PTSA. PTSA membership is essential to ensuring there is a strong voice and organized support for our school and our kids. All families, teachers and staff at Eckstein are welcome to be part of the PTSA. Cost should not be an issue - you can join whether or not you can contribute financially.

    Learn more about the Eckstein PTSA at and join at

    The PTSA meets monthly. The first meeting of the school year is September 14th at 7:00 pm via video link. A GeneraI Meeting is set for for October 12th at 7:00 pm. If you would like to join any of the meetings, please connect with us at and we can provide details.

    Thanks for approaching this year with a spirit of connection and collaboration, and a little dose of patience. We want your comments, questions and ideas. All of the PTSA Board’s email addresses are on the website, so please connect and get involved. Working together we can make it a positive year for our Eckstein students.
    Joan Crooks and Shelley
    Eckstein PTSA Co-presidents


    Welcome Eckstein Families and Students!
    My name is Christie Morrison and I will be your new school nurse for the 2020-2021 school year. I’m very excited to be working all of you! With all the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming school year, I hope to be able to collaborate with, and support you as we navigate these challenging times. Since we can’t be there in person to make introductions, let me tell you a little about myself. I have a 20+ year nursing career which includes five years as a travel nurse and over a decade as the nurse manager of the Swedish Neuroscience Institute. I also was the Director of Clinical Operations for a medical startup company called the Brain Treatment Center. This summer I served on the COVID Attestation sub-group.

    In good times and in challenging times, I know that you want the best for your children. You want them to be safe, healthy, and happy. And you want them to always be learning, growing, and getting ready to take on the world. Though school will start remotely, if your child has a LIFE-THREATENING HEALTH CONDITION (anaphylaxis, diabetes, seizures etc), I will need your completed Medical Forms by the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. I won’t need the medicine until your student is back in the building. You can turn in the forms by secure FAX at 206.743.3119, mail them to the school at 3003 NE 75th Street, Seattle, WA. If neither of these methods are available to you, please contact me directly at or my office phone number at 206.252.5017.

    Important Health Forms

    Kindest Regards, Nurse Christie



    If you need food delivery to their home, please let your grade level counselor know as a parent group is helping deliver.
    Keep update on SPS Food Support and Lunch Distribution

    2020-21 Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application

    Extra Food Benefits
    Children who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals at school will get extra food benefits through Pandemic EBT (P-EBT): Emergency School Lunch Program, or P-EBT benefits. P-EBT benefits help families in Washington buy food when school is closed.
    Apply for P-EBT by visiting or by calling 877-501-2233. Applications for P-EBT must be completed by August 31, 2020 or before the start of the 2020-21 school year — whichever is later.


    These are trying times for everyone. We know how important it is for children to feel safe and secure. Below are some supports available:
    If you are experience homelessness, this includes Individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence, please complete the Housing Questionnaire and/or contact our SPS Family Support Liaison: Antonious Dean - or 206-252-0768
    SPS has a list of a variety of services to help you with any mental health or substance abuse situations.

    The district is launching eight temporary resource centers located across the district to provide the technology support and device distribution.
    Technology support and device distribution includes:

    • Laptop and SPS device distribution and support
    • Hot spots distribution and support
    • Support with remote learning software (e.g., Seesaw, Schoology) and other educational resources
    • General technology resource information and support
    • Support with the following translation software: Microsoft translator; Talking Points; Linguistica; Additional English Language instructional support

    These resource centers will run for about eight weeks beginning in August to support a remote start to the school year. Once these resource centers locations are confirmed, we will add them to this webpage.

    This is a good place to find updates from Seattle Public Schools as well as other resources to help through this pandemic.


    As we get ready for our fall launch we kindly ask that you reach out to your grade level Administrator with student specific questions and concerns. Each Assistant Principal at Eckstein is responsible for an individual grade level. They get to know their families and students quite well over your 3 years at Eckstein so please utilize them.

    6th GRADE: Assistant Principal Jolene Anderson will serve our new 6th grade students. She will team with our new counselor Mr. Manzo to serve the Class of 2027 students and their families/guardians for the next three years.
    Ms. Anderson can be reached at:

    7th GRADE: House Administrator is our be our 7th grade administrator and will be teaming with Ms. Santacruz-Ochoa, 7th grade counselor and they both will support students and families.
    Ms. Evans can be reached

    8th GRADE: Assistant Principal Barb De Normandie will be our 8th grade administrator and will work with our 8th grade counselor, Ms. Ziadeh to support the students and families.
    Ms. De Normandie can be reached at


    Hello 6th grade families,
    I am so stoked to get this year going! There will be a brief delay for laptop deployment as the district orders us new computers! I think the delay will end up being worth it!
    This year will be anything but typical but we have a terrific team of staff members who are all coming together to get this school year lifted off. On August 25th, we will have a virtual WEB day. I'm working on postcards as we speak to be sent out to all of you. The information will be available on the Eckstein website as well.

    One of the highlights of the beginning of the 6th grade year is typically a trip to Tillicum Village. It is such a rich cultural experience to get students thinking about traditions and appreciating different cultures. It might be possible to schedule this trip at the end of the year, but at this point there are a lot of unknowns.
    Speaking of unknowns, I understand that the transition to middle school can seem daunting (for students AND parents alike.) Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at for clarifications, questions, or even a little reassurance that this will be all right!

    I always say to parents at the first day of school, "This might be your student's first day of sixth grade, but I've done it 20+ times. We have a terrific group of teachers and staff members who know just what kind of transition this is and the best ways to support students as they move through it. So looking forward to teaming with you and your student for the next three years! -Jolene Anderson
    Jolene Anderson
    Assistant Principal

    Welcome Back 7th Students and Families!
    I’m excited to be with you as you enter 7th grade in the 2020 - 2021 school year. Even though, the start of the school will be online, we here and looking forward to kicking off this next year with you.
    The online experience won’t be the same as physically being in the building, but know your teachers and administrators are always available to support you. We are right with you learning and expanding together as a community.
    Also the 7th grader field trip in the Fall, to MOHAI and Wing Luke on hold this year due to COVID-19, hopefully we can reschedule something in the Spring.
    Go Eagles!
    Deneen Evans
    7th Grade Administrator

    Welcome Back 8th Grade Students and Families!
    I’m thrilled to be joining you again for the 2020 – 2021 school year as we prepare to launch your last year of middle school!
    Many of you are thinking about what your friends are thinking about, or what your online vibe is going to be, or whether your parent are going say something embarrassing, or who you can trust, or how many extra minutes you can sleep before you’re late to your first class of the day.
    Just remember – you’re FABULOUS ( and your teachers are just as excited as I am to “see” you as we begin the semester in a virtual world. Also know that we’re here for you no matter what. My goals for the year to support you along this journey are to:

    1. Help you feel welcomed and engaged in learning.
    2. Celebrate your successes and challenge you to try something new (not okra).

    And, prepare you to be healthy, confident, resilient, and responsible before you head to high school.
    If you have suggestions to help me meet my goals, please don’t hesitate to share… my email is below and on the website.
    One bit of news you may be interested in is that the Eckstein 8th grade Fall 2–night Camp Orkila Trip is on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions. We’re hoping to reschedule for the Spring, and I’ll keep you posted on developments as they become available.
    This is probably one of the most unique school years ever, requiring each of us to expand our thinking and search for ways to be our best selves. I challenge you to accept the quest and search for those things that will allow you to be the master of your own destiny.
    Together, we’ve got this!
    Mrs. de Normandie