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     The Pirates of Neverland

    Character Descriptions

    MARGARET: Jane’s younger sister from London (accent not necessary). Brave and imaginative girl, if a bit reckless. Solo singer.

    JANE: Margaret’s older sister from London (accent not necessary). Equally brave as Margaret, but sensible and protective. Solo singer.

    TOOTLES & CURLY: Two of Peter’s Lost Boys, who find their way to London to seek help. Frightened but ready to do what needs to be done. Solo singers.

    WREN: A Pirate Queen, she has arrived on the shores of Neverland with a torn treasure map, and kidnapped the Lost Boys into piracy to form a crew. She is more cruel and ruthless than Captain Hook ever was. Strong solo singer.

    TINKERBELL: Tinkerbell as we know her. Still a bit sassy, and wary of humans, but she recognizes they may be Neverland’s best hope to conquer this new threat.

    BOS’N: The oldest of the Lost Pirates has been given the position of boatswain under Wren, and does his best. Solo singer.

    LOST PIRATES: The Lost Boys have been growing up a little every time Peter has left the island, and now have been unwillingly drafted into piracy on the very ship they once conquered. Several small roles with lines among them, also singers.

    FAIRIES: A full chorus of fairies who are frightened. They are the wisest, fiercest, and most knowledgeable denizens of the island, and may have the most to lose.

    MYSTERIOUS FIGURE: A figure we encounter in Neverland who keeps his secrets close, until there is no other choice. He is older than anyone else on the island. Solo singer.

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