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    2019 -2020 School Year

    Department Goals:

    Computer Tech
    100% of teachers will make an explicit connection each unit between 21st century skills; (collaboration with others, critical thinking/problem solving, working independently) and computer skills to increase student understanding of real world applications.

    English Language Arts PLC Goal:
    100% of ELA teachers will support students in writing to a timed prompt by teaching clear organizational structures as measured by common formative assessments.

    Math PLC Goal:
    100% of math teachers will use a discourse strategy or activity at least once a week to connect real-life applications and experiences to the standards by adapting, creating, or using district-provided curriculum.

    Social Studies:
    100% of Social Studies teachers will implement, at least once per unit, a strategy such as role play/simulations, debate, Socratic seminars, readers’ theater, current events, and blended learning in order to demonstrate relevancy to students, enhance student engagement, and promote critical thinking.

    World Language PLC Goal:

    100% of World Language units will include quarterly activities that examine traditions/customs which allow students to draw connections to their home cultures.

    Music PLC Goal:
    100% of Eckstein music teachers will conduct mindfulness exercises daily in ensembles with the goal of helping students focus and reduce stress. Counseling PLC Goal:

    100% of Counselors will facilitate the MTSS process to assess student engagement needs, utilizing trauma-informed & culturally response classroom practices.

    Rigor & Relevance

    Rigor and relevance

    What Questions are our Staff asking Students?


    Meaningful Engagement

    meaningful engagement