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    Electives Selections 2020-21
    Posted on 03/02/2020

    Online Elective Registration
    for Next Year’s 7th and 8th Graders

    State Requirements

    • One semester of PE is a Washington State requirement unless a PE Waiver is completed and turned into to the Main Office.
    • Taking a semester of PE is required by state law. Medical conditions, religion, and/or approved sport/activity participation are reasons to request a PE waiver.

    Next Year, You Will Have:

    • 1 period of Homeroom
    • 4 periods of core classes
    • 2 periods of electives OR other required support classes.
    • 7 Total

    Your “Options” for
    Filling Your Schedule
    Any Period of Your Schedule

    Elective options diagram


    There are 3 possible combinations/options:

    Option 1 two yearlong electives

     Option 2 year long elective


    Elective options 3 all semester electives


    PE chart


    Next Steps


    • We cannot guarantee you will be given your electives of choice.
    • An elective request may not be granted based on number of students interested and number of teachers/rooms available.
    • We WILL do our best to honor your requests. Don’t choose alternates you wouldn’t actually want to take next year. If you choose no electives and no alternates, the computer will choose electives for you.
    • If you don’t choose PE, but don’t complete a waiver either, this will override any of your decisions and you WILL have to take PE.

    What to do Next

  • Ask your student for the Electives Registration Worksheet
  • Complete it with your student.
  • Parent/guardian signature is required
  • Stow the *completed* form in your student's binder until the counselors come to their science class to do the online portion with with them.
  • If your student didn't get an Electives Registration Worksheet, email our Registrar Toni Morgan at