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    Summary of Roosevelt incoming freshmen summer reading (see details below):

    1. Read 1 book (recommended book: Homegoing).
    2. Write down 5 quotes as you read, and why you selected each quote.
    3. Produce a creative book response.

    Details of Roosevelt incoming freshmen summer reading:

    Welcome to Roosevelt High School! As your Social Studies and Language Arts block teachers, we are very excited for your arrival and expect many good things from the class of 2022. This summer you will be making important transitions between your life in middle school and your future as a Roughrider. We ask that you read and prepare a book of your choice before you arrive. We are hoping that that the book you might choose is Homegoing, by Yaa Gyasi—the Seattle Public Library’s Seattle Reads book of 2018.

    Homegoing traces the story of sisters in Ghana in the eighteenth century—one living in privilege, and the other enslaved—to the stories of their children through eight generations and two continents. It captures the line between colonialism and racial identity in the United States in a clear, powerful way.

    Why do we recommend the Seattle Reads book? Seattle Reads is an SPL event that honors what can happen when a large community of people share the experience of a book: it thrives in the social experience of reading, enlivens an intellectual community, and also creates a shared conversation about issues, art, and history. We hope you will be part of this, too. You can benefit from the resources Seattle Public Library gathers for it: SPL has thousands of copies of the book, in paper form, but also electronic and audio; and SPL also provides discussion guides and events.

    In preparation for your entry to Roosevelt High School, we ask you to do two things:

    1. Prepare quotes from your chosen book for a writing we’re going to have you do in September.
    2. Produce a creative book response.

    Quotes from the book. As you read, gather five quotes. You will be using these as notes for a paragraph you will write in September. Specifically, prepare by doing the following:

    • Write down five quotes that seem important to the book or that are interesting to you.
    • After each quote, write down what interests you about it, or why you chose it.

    The creative book response. This response is intended to develop your connection to the book in a creative way. Find possibilities for such responses by doing a google search for “book report alternatives.” Some examples might include writing a letter to a character and getting one back, creating a travel brochure for 18th century Ghana or 19th century Mississippi, writing a news article about an important event from the book, or making a movie trailer. Many more possibilities are out there!

    The point of the book project is partly to give you an imaginative way to process your chosen book, but it’s also to see your interests and creativity, to see the kinds of connections you make, and to get a glimpse into what kind of learner you are. The project is not intended to stress you out! For this reason, please spend no more than a couple hours on the book response!