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    Eckstein Attendance Office Forms

    Pre-Planned Absence Form
    Early Dismissal Form
    District Letter on State Compulsory School Attendance law​
    SPS Attendance Policy

    Eckstein 6th Grade Subject Selection Sheet and Math Opt-Up form for 2018-19 Registration

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    Seattle School District Volunteer and Chaperone Screening

    Thank you for volunteering!  The following screening steps must be completed before volunteering. Please click on each of the links and return the completed forms to Eckstein's main office at least one week before the you are scheduled to volunteer. The forms must be resubmitted each school year. If you have already completed forms this year at another school, you must submit copies to Eckstein along with the Volunteer Screening Checklist (Item #6).  

    Return all completed forms to Eckstein's main office

    1. Print, complete and submit with a copy of photo ID: WA State Patrol Background Check Authorization

    2. Print, read and sign: Policy No 5630 - Volunteers

    3. Review the district volunteer handbook and complete pages 18 & 19: Seattle School District Volunteer Handbook

    4.    Watch the district video and print the Certificate of Completion at the end: Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention course 

    5. Print, read and sign: Policy No 3246 - Use of Reasonable Force

    6.    If you will be chaperoning a field trip, print and sign: Guidelines for Field Trip Chaperones

    7.    If you will be chaperoning an OVERNIGHT field trip, you must provide documentation of two years 
           residence in Washington State
    . Documentation can be in the form of a driver's license, an expired driver's 
           license or a statement or invoice that includes the volunteer's name, a WA State address and a date that is at least 
           two years before the date of the field trip.

    PE Waiver Form:

    Eckstein P.E. Waiver Form 2017-18: Eckstein PE Waiver Form 2017-18

    Please visit our Athletic's Page for all forms related to Athletics >>