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    Youth Sports Services (YSS) Participation Behavior Policies & Expectations

    As dropping pass temperatures spawn rumors of continued snowy evenings, the teacher-chaperones of the Eckstein Snow Sports Program, wanted to take the opportunity to review some of the policies surrounding the program. Above all else, in addition to the rules and expectations of Eckstein Middle School and Seattle Public Schools we are bound by the following rules set forth by Youth Sport Services. Thanks for your understanding.Make sure to print, sign and return the last page of our Rules and Guidelines form before the season begins.

    1. All students are to have a helmet to wear while on the slopes.
    2. Always have a partner when you are on the slopes. If you or anyone else from our program is injured, report it to the nearest lift operator or ski patrol, or Mohan Instructor or Bus Chaperone. Tell them you are with Mohan’s and tell them what school you are from so they can notify a chaperone. Never ski or board alone.
    3. If you are at the ski area at night, you are to only ski or board in lighted areas.
    4. Rest and warm up frequently. Injuries occur when people are cold and tired.
    5. Always look up the slope to check for oncoming skiers or boarders before starting to ski or board. Watch out for the other people on the slope. Ski or board in control.
    6. Know how to contact your parents while you are at on the slopes. Parents please carry a cell phone or give your child an emergency number in case we need you during the trip.
    7. Make sure emergency forms are updated if you change phone numbers or information during ski season.
    8. School rules apply at all times – no fighting, no harassment, no abusive language, no drugs, alcohol, no public display of affection, no inappropriate clothing, etc.
    9. Students are allowed to use cell phones to call parents, text message, or play games on the bus as long as it is not disruptive, loud, or inappropriate. Students may listen to music on the bus as long as they have earphones.
    10. Students are responsible for keeping the electronic equipment in a safe place where it cannot be damaged or stolen.
    11. Students must show respect to the chaperones, bus driver & all ski area staff.
    12. Failure to follow the rules can result in a one week suspension or serious disregard for the rules can result in permanent expulsion from the ski club, both without refund.

    The Eckstein Snow Sports Coordinator is:
    Jessica Levine

    Youth Sports Snow Club Recommended Check List

    • *Season Pass or Lift Ticket Money
    • *Food, drinks or money to buy while at ski area – we suggest $10 - $15
    • *Skis & poles or Snowboard
    • *Boots
    • *Helmet
    • *Goggles
    • *Weatherproof coat
    • *Weatherproof pants
    • *Thermal underwear
    • *Thermal socks
    • *Gloves or mittens (waterproof)
    • *Sweater or heavy shirt
    • *Bag for equipment
    • *All purpose ski wax
    • *Rain gear (as needed)
    • *Dry clothes for ride home (leave on bus)
    • *Emergency Information - how can your parents be contacted.
    • *Cell phone (if available)
    • *Hand or toe warmers (optional)
    • *Bring food and drink to have on the bus for the ride home. Kids are usually hungry and thirsty after a night of skiing.

    Sometimes road &/or weather conditions prevent the program from operating.

    Parents should call 425-868-3820 every operational day (after 7:00 a.m.) to see we are operating or postponing. If we do postpone, we automatically extend until all programs are completed.

    The only time we do not operate is over Presidents’ Holiday, February 18th to 24th.

    Daily Procedures

    Morning – Students may store their snow equipment during the day in balcony of the auditorium. It will be opened from 7:25 to 7:45 on the days we operate. All equipment must be in bags, as this protects the equipment, our historic building, and makes for easier handling.

    Afternoon – Immediately after school go to the equipment storage room to collect your gear. Then proceed to the snow bus loading area (West Side of Building on 30th Ave NE). The bus should depart promptly at 2:35 p.m.

    Do not lean any equipment against the bus. Students are responsible for loading their own equipment. You will not be allowed to change your clothes on the bus. We suggest you use a school bathroom before getting on the bus. You can leave your jacket in your equipment bag. Bring your boots, helmet, gloves, snacks, etc. on the bus with you when you board.

    Evening - Students should bring food or money for dinner. They may eat on the bus, but everything must be cleaned up before unloading. Students will only be dismissed when the bus is clean.

    The bus is scheduled to depart the ski area at 9:15 p.m. Any student arriving after the departure time will lose the privilege of riding the bus the next week (without refund). If the bus incurs overtime because we waited for a student, the parents of that student are responsible for the extra cost. Students should return to the bus at least 10 minutes early. Students are to sit in the same seats they were in on the ride to the ski area.

    The bus should return to the school by 11:00 p.m. depending on road conditions. If the bus is going to be more than 15 minutes late, we will ask students to use their cell phones to alert parents. The chaperones will remind the students to call their parents when we are about 15 minutes away from the school. Students are to be picked up immediately upon our return.

    Please call or email in the morning if your child is not going to be on the snow bus that day. Students MUST ride home on the bus, unless they provide the head chaperone (before the bus departs school) written permission from the parents stating whom they will be returning with. Also, the note must have a parent contact phone number so that the transfer of responsibility plan may be established and followed. If the transfer does not happen before the bus departure time, the student MUST return on the bus. Any student NOT following this policy may be permanently expelled from the program without further refund or cause.