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    When we leave the mountain each night we will be using two principle sites for posting communications our whereabouts: this website ( and the Snow Sports Twitter account (

    If you have previously subscribed for this service there is no need to do so again. If you have not yet subscribed, then please do so by following the link here: Subscribe by Email

    We are using integrated technology that allows us to post to the Snow Sports website and the Twitter page simultaneously via cell phone text messaging. You may sign up for a free Twitter account and request to follow Ms. Metter's page to receive updates. You may even receive these updates to your cell phone via text.

    In any case, you should plan to check this website twice on Friday evening: once around 930 PM with a departure time and again around 1030 PM with an updated arrival time (estimated to be within 20 minutes of this second post).

    Posts will be short and sweet because Twitter contains a 140 character limit for all posts. Each post will follow the same format, such as the sample below. Please familiarize yourself with the brevity of the message.

    RE: EMS Snow Sports 2119 leaving. Expected ETA 2245-2300.

    Please note the following items:

    1. Time in this message follows the 24 HR clock, so 2100 means 9:00 PM and 2300 means 11:00 PM.
    2. ETA means Estimated Arrival Time; and
    3. The Call Back (CB) phone number at the end of the message is a personal cell phone number and there is no need to call this number unless it is an emergency. You do not need to call the number to verify the ETA or complain if we are five minutes later than anticipated, remember that the time was initially an estimate.

    Hopefully, this will eliminate the time that you will have to wait the dark cold parking lot prior to our arrival. Thanks for your patience.

    Please note that the subscription service alone will not guarantee a timely delivery; you must actively check the website and/or subscribe to twitter for instantaneous posts. The subscription service has a lag of about an hour from posting on the website.

    Thanks and we look forward to your signing up and continued interest. Contact Ms. Metter ( with any additional questions about this policy.