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    The Eckstein 2018 Spring Musical Presents:

    ​Is this like "Jake and the Never Land Pirates"? Absolutely not. This is an entirely original sequel-story set in a darker, more dangerous Neverland than you're familiar with. This is a Neverland where Peter Pan has gone missing and the Lost Boys are growing up. Captain Hook is dead of course, and a few new faces have shown up to grapple with that power vacuum. The Lost Boys have been drafted into piracy, and a long-protected secret of Neverland seems about to be revealed.

    Who are the characters in this show? Here is a Character Description list that will hopefully answer that question! (Also please note that although this is a world-premiere story, no characters have been written with any specific students in mind. All actors will be considered for all roles.)

    Can I do sports and do the musical? Sports can be a significant conflict with the rehearsal schedule, depending on what part you have in the show, and depending on the specific sports schedule. I would say that you can go ahead and audition, but write down your sports schedule on your audition form, and if we can fit you in with those conflicts, we will do that! Also be aware that no actor can have conflicts during the last two weeks of rehearsals (after May 1st), or you'll be letting the rest of your cast and crew down by making them cover for you instead of learning their own roles.

    Can I be on the crew instead of being on stage? Absolutely! Eckstein prides itself on having a strong student crew. You'll need to fill out the audition packet as well, and bring it to the auditorium on one of the audition days, but you don't need to stay to audition once you leave it with the Directors.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about the show or the audition process.

    Thank you, and I'll see you at auditions!
    Jon Lutyens
    Producing Director, Eckstein Musical