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    Adapted from Dr. Laura Kastners book Getting to Calm-Cool-headed strategies for parenting Tweens + Teens

    • Adopt habits that emphasize quality time – limiting distractions
    • Be a supporter and advocate for your student’s scholastic development and challenges.
    • Commit to developing your child’s social and emotional competence –Structure conversations that encourage meaningful and insightful interaction. – Avoid interactions that rev up your students “emotional brain” and limits their capacity for accessing self-analysis.
    • Develop strong parental authority – which includes warmth, empathy and effective communication. Create a family framework that is safe and predictable.
    • Emphasize the importance of sleep and eschew the value of busyness over balance.
    • Focus on scheduling “fun” activities into your family schedule to provide a break from the daily rigors of overpacked schedules.

    The most common stressors identified by adolescents include:

    • School
    • Parents /Family
    • Social Life / Peers
    • Time (lack of)
    • Sports