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    Here’s a look at an average year-in-the-life for an Intermediate Jazz Band student at Eckstein.

    The students who play in this band are some of the hardest working musicians at Eckstein. Because they also play with the Intermediate Concert Band students, they must learn two separate playlists comprised of Jazz and Concert Band songs. For this reason, they are expected to increase their practice time and commit to an augmented playing schedule. Intermediate Jazz students play at school performances, travel to local festivals with their Intermediate Concert Band counterparts, and attend local performances. There will be associated costs with this travel. Families will be asked to support their student’s activities through positive reinforcement, volunteering, fundraising, and at times paying for local travel and food (sack lunches are usually acceptable).

    As a member of the Intermediate Jazz Band at Eckstein, your student will need to keep their school work current and in good standing. Your child will also be held as a role model to other students in the band program and must possess excellent behavior. Being in Intermediate Jazz Band does not automatically ensure Senior Jazz entry. Mr. E determines if students stay in Intermediate or move into either Senior Jazz or Wind Ensemble.

    All band families and parents are highly encouraged to participate in bake sales, fundraising and volunteering to help make the year a success for their students. Parents may be asked to carpool to local events and gigs, some of which require admittance fees for family members. Some are free.