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    Incoming 8th Graders have to read 2 books over the summer (3 for Spectrum students) for Language Arts (from 2 different genres) See specifics about the assignments below!

    It is vitally important as you embark on your final year of middle school that you continue to increase your reading stamina. Your 8th grade English department will help ensure you do not slide backwards in your reading skills over the summer by requiring you to complete a summer reading activity. We are asking that you read at least two books and have a conversation with a family member about the books.

    Your Task:

    • Choose two types of books from the following list and read them:
      • A personal growth book
      • A classic book
      • A biography, autobiography, or memoir
      • A book written by a living author
      • An award-winning book
      • A fantasy book
      • A historical fiction book
      • A informational/non-fiction book about a subject that interests you.
      • A book that your parent(s)/caregiver(s) loved in middle school
    • As you read your book, take notes and answer the following questions:
      1. What new things are you learning from reading this book?
      2. What character or culture did you feel the most connected to? The least? Explain why.
      3. What choices do you notice the author making—such as choices about style, structure, characters, plot, or about anything else in the construction of the narrative?
      4. Would you recommend this book to another person? Why or why not?
    • After completing the book, talk to an adult family member about it for at least twenty minutes, and together complete the reading log, and attach your notes to this sheet.
    • This will be due the first week back to school and is worth points! You will complete an in-class assignment based on your summer reading.
    • Spectrum students should read a minimum of 3 books. Write up the 3rd book on your own notebook paper.

    Language Arts Summer Reading Log - complete for each book

    Your name:

    The book you read:

    The adult family member with whom you had the conversation:

    Relationship of the family member to you:

    Your signature, testifying to the following: "I fully read the book listed above and had a decent conversation with a family member about it."

    The family member's signature, testifying to the following: "The reader had a conversation with me about the book named above and seemed knowledgeable about the book and the experience of reading the book."