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    How to use the Source, Schoology, Office 365, and Library Catalog
    Posted on 09/02/2020

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    Username and Password

    Every student has a username and password that they use for school laptops, The Source, Schoology, Office 365 (including Teams and Outlook Email), and the Library Catalog.

    Every username starts with the number 1
    For example, 1pejackson
    Your password is the same as it was last year (see below if you are new or you forgot).

    For The Source and the library catalog, just use your username (ex: 1pejackson)

    For Schoology, Office 365 (including Teams, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel), add to your username (ex:

    Student Family Portals

    Use the Student/Family Portals to access everything from one page!

    On the home page of the website, click on Student/Family Portals

    Find portal
    1. Click on Student Family Portals
    2. Click on Student Portal
      Student Portal
    3. Click Login with Active Directory
      active directory
    4. Type in your username followed by
      Sign in

    Are you new or don't know your username or password? Email the librarian, Ms. Sterling!

    The Source

    Use the Source to check your schedule, grades, fines, and attendance

    Log in with your username and password

    Example: 1pejackson

    The Source


    Use Schoology to find class pages, live meeting links, a calendar with your assignments, the library page, the leadership page.

    To log on, put after your username


    Inside Schoology

    Microsoft Teams

    Use Teams to go to your live class meetings.

    All classes will be on Microsoft Teams. If you have a school laptop, there should be a Teams app you use. If you have your own laptop, Seattle Public Schools recommends you download the Teams app. You can go to it online but there are some limited capabilities.

    You will find your Teams link on Schoology!


    First Day of School Schedule - Friday 9/4 (Tentative)

    9:00-9:30 Grade Level Welcome Back Assembly 
    Live on TEAMS
    9:35-9:45 AM   Period 1
    9:50-10:00 AM   Period 2
    10:05-10:15   Period 3
    10:20-10:30 AM   Period 4
    10:35-10:45 AM   Period 5
    10:50-11:00 AM   Period 6
    Lunch Break

    2 hours – afternoon asynchronous time (assignments posted on Schoology by individual teachers)

    Scheudle for the Week of September 7, 2020

    Tuesday and Thursday 9/8 & 9/10

    9:00-9:35 AM   Period 1
    9:45-10:20 AM   Period 2
    10:30-11:05   Period 3
    Lunch Break
    2 hours – afternoon asynchronous time (assignments posted on Schoology by individual teachers)

    Wednesday and Friday 9/9 & 9/11

    9:00-9:35 AM   Period 4
    9:45-10:20 AM   Period 5
    10:30-11:05   Period 6
    Lunch Break
    2 hours – afternoon asynchronous time (assignments posted on Schoology by individual teachers)

    Office 365

    You will mostly use OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams!

    Note: Outlook works but will only send to others with So you can send an email to a teacher or another student only. 

    Office 365

    Library Catalog

    Library Catalog

    1. Curbside pick-up will happen once a week in the lunchtime hour! You can place holds on books once you log into the library catalog.
    2. Log into the library catalog iwth the same username and password.
      Library login
    3. Note: Like the Source, you do not need to add

    Important Information Links


    The Source


    Office 365

    Library Catalog


    @insideeckstein – follow updates from ASB! @ecksteinyearbook – follow updates from yearbook! @ecksteinlibrary – follow updates from the library!


    For Families: How to Set Up your Source and Schoology Accounts

    Each family member has their own account to access The Source and Schoology. If you already signed up from elementary school, you do not need to sign-up again! If you did not sign-up, follow links below!
    1. Sign-up for The Source here. Note: your email address must be registered with Seattle Schools first.
    2. Once you have signed up for The Source, you can create a Schoology account. Note: you will need the Schoology Access code for each student you have at Seattle Public Schools, which you can find on The Source.
    Need more help?

    For Families: Source & Schoology Account Set-Up Videos from the District

    How to Go to Your Live Classes

    1) Write down your schedule from the Source

    2) On Schoology, go to the correct period course and click on the Teams Meeting link at the top of the page

    3) Make sure you are muted and click Join!