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    Hybrid Learning at Eckstein - Updates
    Posted on 04/02/2021

    Welcome to Hybrid Learning at Eckstein Middle School

    On April 19, 2021 we begin our offering on-site learning at Eckstein. 

    After reviewing our video below, please scroll through this Hybrid page for more details.

    Table of Contents

    Welcoming Our Students to Eckstein
    Arriving and Leaving School Routine
    Eckstein Safety Protocols Overview
    Middle School Instructional Model
    School Supplies
    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Welcoming Our Students to Eckstein

    During the Week of April 19th, the first 5-10 minutes of in person learning will be orienting students to systems and expectations for Eckstein.

    They include:

    • Arriving and departing from school
    • Expectations for moving through the Hallways (field line up, bike cage use, etc.)
    • Schedules and mapping where their classes are
    • Independent movement in Hallways
    • Taking care of your Belongings (backpack, cell phone, etc.)
    • Nurse, counselor, or bathroom needs
    • In Class Expectations
    • Masks and Social Distancing


    Arriving & Leaving School Routine

    Attestations Due by 10 am every day your student comes to the building. Please view our Attestation Video:
    1. All students must complete an Attestation (online health screening) by 10 am on the days they are entering the building. Students grades 6-12 are allowed to do this themselves. You will be emailed a link or you can go here:
    2. There is a place to request that the attestation form is sent to your or your students phone.
    3. Students will not be allowed in the building without a cleared health screening (attestation.)
    attest 1 slide 1 slide 1
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    Students Arrive to School
    1. Cars can drop off students on 30th Avenue or on 75th Street. No cars except those dropping of our Intensive Service Pathways are allowed to go to the back of the school
    2. Students who bike to school can lock their bikes in the bike cage.
    3. Student who walk to school should proceed to the field.
    4. Students who would like a school lunch should go to the cafeteria doors by the garden. They can eat lunch in the garden and take a lunch and breakfast for the next day.
    5. Students must wear a mask while in the building. If they forget one, we will provide one to them.


    Student Check In  
    1. At 11:40 am, all students will proceed to the field and go to their first class (first period on Mondays & Thursdays; fourth period on Tuesdays & Fridays. See Field Map for teacher placement.
    2. Students will be staying outside, so please have them dress for weather, warmth and jackets for potential rain. This is Seattle after all!
    3. Teachers will be standing by a large orange cone with their name.
    4. Teachers will check to see if student/families that students have submitted an attestation and are cleared for building entry.
    5. If a student has not completed the attestation, they will be escorted to another location on the field to complete their attestation. Then they will either be escorted back to their class on the field or in the building if the class has already been released.
    6. If a student is not cleared due to illness, we will escort them to a protected health room and a parent/guardian will be notified for immediate pick up.
    7. When a teacher has completed the attestation check. They will raise their name card. Administrators will release classes to avoid classes clumping together, providing distance between students as the classes enter the building. Teachers will proceed with their class to the appropriate door.
    8. Students will carry the following instruments to their classes on days they have music: flute, clarinet, oboe, alto, trumpet, violin, viola. The following instruments will be dropped off inside the building for storage: tenor bass clarinet, baritone horn, bari sax, trombone, tuba, cello, bass, French horn, guitar. Staff will guide students with large instruments to drop off location.

    * Late Arrivals: Please make sure your student is lining up on the field at 11:40 am so we can move students into the building as soon as possible. Staff will not be able to hang back and wait for late arrives, so please ensure your student is on-time. If your student is more than 10 minutes late for class, please call the Main Office at 206.252.5010 and we will have your student enter the front door, to the right of the Main office on 75th Street for someone to let them in and escort them to class.


    Passing Between Classes
    1. Students will walk through the halls by keeping to their right and with six feet distancing.
    2. Hallway floors and walls have been marked to remind students of direction and spacing.


    End of the Day  
    1. Teachers have been assigned exit doors based on spacing and location.
    2. Guardians should wait for their students either on 30th Avenue or 75th Street.
    3. School exiting will be spaced out to avoid too many students in the halls.



    Eckstein Safety Protocols Overview

    Spaced 6 feet apart

    face the same

    located at least
    10 feet from
    1st row of
    student desks 
    entry and
    release times. 
     Signage posted
    in classrooms and
    commonly used areas
    points of entry & exit
     Physical distancing
    markers displayed to
    physical distancing
    signage posted
    school to mark
    foot traffic patterns





    Middle School Instructional Model

    • All students will receive remote, live instruction in the mornings with their content teachers, 9 a.m. – 11:10 a.m.

    • Students who select the in-person, hybrid model will receive two, afternoon half days of instruction either on M/T or TH/F. The other two, afternoon half days will be remote, 11:55 a.m. – 3:50 p.m. for small group and individual instruction.

    • In addition to live, remote instruction four mornings a week 100% remote students will receive four afternoons of small group and individual supports from their content teachers.

    • In week 9, the last week of school, additional in-person instructional minutes will be provided to all in-person students who are interested.


    • Cohort A = Hybrid (Mon & Tues afternoons)
    • Cohort B = Hybrid (Thu & Fri afternoons)
    • Cohort C = Fully Remote

    Illustrative schedule

    Overview of Secondary Instructional Model

    Morning: Online synchronous instruction in the morning supports students by maintaining their current class schedules.

    Class periods will receive content together
    no matter what afternoon learning mode they choose.

    Afternoon: Opportunities for afternoon in-person and/or remote small group support by content area teachers will be provided for ALL students. Afternoon instruction is for differentiated instruction and individualized interventions. During afternoon instruction students engage in learning while supported by their content teacher.

    Activities that reinforce, supplement, extend or enrich skills or content
    from the morning that students can participate in, in person or in the remote setting.

    class example 1

    class example 2


    Transportation on yellow buses for 6-12 students is prioritized for those who have transportation included in an IEP.

    Orca Cards will be provided to those who qualify:

    •  Your student lives between 1.5 and 2 miles from school.
    • Your student lives in the attendance area, is further than 2 miles and usually takes a yellow bus, you can request an Orca card.
    • Your student's address is outside the attendance area and further than 2 miles.
    • If your student is within the Eckstein MS walk-zone (0.0-1.5 miles) they may be eligible to receive an orca card through the City of Seattle’s Youth ORCA Opportunity program. If you would like to apply, please submit your application to
    • If your student qualifies, please email Katy Ryan at

    School Supplies

    • Students CAN carry backpacks.
    • No use of lockers School supplies
    • Charged laptop and power cord
    • Textbooks
    • Pencils and pens
    • Water bottle with water
    •  Folder for collecting any papers
    • Notebook paper
    • Course-specific materials recommended by the class teacher

      Teachers will communicate individual class needs to parents

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions?  Contact your student's grade level administrator.

    They can be reached at:
    6th Grade Administrator - Jolene Anderson –
    7th Grade Administrator – Deneen Evans –
    8th Grade Administrator – Barb de Normandie –
    Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions that we are receiving. We hope this will be helpful in making the decision that is best for your student and family.

    1) Will all students be staying with their current teachers regardless of model?
    The instructional model developed by SPS and the Seattle Education Association is designed so that as many students as possible stay with their current teachers. The model prioritizes keeping teachers with their current classes, whether students choose to stay 100% remote or return for hybrid in-person learning. Once families respond to the survey, we will be able to better know the final details of how we can build cohorts that have as little schedule change as possible for on-site and remote classes.

    2) How will the hybrid learning model work at Eckstein?
    We know that for students returning to in-person hybrid learning (two days per week live in the afternoon, two days per week remote in the afternoon) and students remaining 100% remote, this will be a transition in the learning year. Our first goal will be to ensure that students are able to continue learning throughout this transition. While we don't have all the answers and details right now for how educators will balance in-person and remote learning in the afternoons, we are committed to updating you as plans take shape.

    • Safety First: It is also critical that we keep students and staff, who return to the building, as safe and healthy as possible. Time will be spent initially establishing routines and procedures that reinforce safety at all times and in all places.
    • Remote Morning Instruction: Morning instruction will be content that all students will receive together no matter what afternoon learning mode the family chooses for their student.
    • Afternoon Instruction: The afternoon will provide both in-person and remote students an opportunity for activities that will reinforce, supplement, extend or enrich skills or content from the morning instruction. Afternoon instruction for ALL students, both those in-person for part of the week and those learning remotely all week, will maintain rigor and challenge.
    • SPS District Guidance: District guidance encourages small group, social emotional learning (SEL), and check-ins during afternoon hybrid learning time instead of simulcasting to allow more targeted supports. Sample schedules area available on the SPS website at

    3) How are "cohorts" defined?
    A “cohort” is a group of students who attend school together. The middle school return to an in-person school model allows for Cohort A to attend class on Monday/Tuesday afternoons and Cohort B to attend class on Thursday/Friday afternoons. Students will attend their regularly assigned on-site classes for Periods 1 – 3 on the first day, and Periods 4 – 6 on the second day.

    4) Are kids with different groups of students across the 2 days in person?
    Students will be with 6 different groups of students during the 2 days of onsite learning. Students from Cohort A will not attend class with students from Cohort B.

    5) If there is a COVID-19 infection, how will contact tracing and isolation work?
    SPS has a robust contact tracing and isolation plan developed in conjunction with SPS Health Services team, SEA Nurses, the SEA/SPS Health and safety team and in coordination with Public Health and Labor and Industry.
    The plan was developed to keep students and staff safe as we return to in-person learning. The following flyer provides information on the 4-step process should a positive COVID-19 case be identified in our building.

    • Step 1: Family notifies School Main Office of infection
    • Step 2: School Office notified COVID Site Supervisor who notifies centralized COVID contact tracing team to begin outreach
    • Step 3: Cleaning & disinfecting following DOH and CDC guidelines
    • Step 4: Confirmed case and close contacts receive guidance & return date

    Additional information related to SPS health and safety protocols, including the following can be found on the SPS website at

    FROM SPS WEBSITE: The DOH guidance for a COVID-19 outbreak in schools when grouping or cohorting students is, to dismiss the entire classroom for home quarantined for 14 days if two or more laboratory positive (PCR or antigen) COVID-19 cases occur within the group or cohort within a 14 day period.
    Further, a school will be closed and switch to remote learning for 14 days when one of the following occurs: two or more classrooms are dismissed due to outbreaks in schools with 10 or fewer classrooms; 10% or more of classrooms are dismissed due to outbreaks in schools with greater than 10 classrooms; or the school cannot function due to insufficient teaching or support staff.

    6) What school supplies will the kids need to bring to school?
    Students need to bring their charged laptop and power cord, any textbooks, writing utensils (pencils and pens), a water bottle with water, a folder for collecting any papers, paper for writing and course-specific materials recommended by the class teacher. There will be no locker assignments. Student will need to carry their items with them throughout the day in a backpack.

    7) Will students enrolled in music classes need to bring their instruments for in-person sessions? Where will these instruments be stored when kids are not in class?
    Students are asked to bring their instruments to orchestra and band for afternoon on-site instruction. Students will carry the following instruments to their classes on days they have music: Flute, clarinet, oboe, alto, trumpet, violin, viola. The following instruments should be dropped off (storage location coming): tenor, bass clarinet, baritone horn, bari sax, trombone, tuba, cello, bass, French horn, guitar.

    8) Can I change my student’s decision once they start back in remote or hybrid learning?
    Families are asked to select the 100% remote model or hybrid, in-person model for the remainder of the year.

    9) How early can my student arrive at school? Can they play on the field with their friends?
    Because we need to prioritize safety and health, we cannot have students arriving prior to the start time for the days that they attend in person. Our schedule will be sent to families later this week.

    10) How can my child get a lunch before reporting to class?
    Students can pick up lunch before their class and eat in the garden before lining up to come into the building. The cafeteria “grab and go line” is inside the building off of the garden area, behind the school building. We encourage students to pick up lunch and breakfast for the next day to eat at home.

    11) Are students getting transportation to school for in-person school?
    At this time, there are no yellow school buses available for general education students. Students who live between 1.5 and 2 miles from school were issued an Orca card. If you believe your student qualifies for an Orca card please email Katy Ryan at

    12) Can you tell me if my student’s teachers have been vaccinated?
    The simple answer is that getting vaccinated is not something we can require. The vaccine was granted emergency certification and as such is voluntary. We can’t require it nor can we ask the status of staff due to privacy regulations. Staff follow the same attestation process as students will when entering the building.