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August Open Houses

We will be continuing our new tradition of inviting students to the school at the end of August, before school starts.

  • Receive locker assignments
  • Practice using the combination locks
  • Take school pictures
  • Receive District laptop
  • And much more!

If your child is unable to attend, please do not worry.  There will be opportunities to accomplish these items once school starts. 

Aug. 25: 8th Grade Open House (9 AM -12 PM) in the cafeteria. 

Aug. 26: 7th Grade Open House (9 AM -12 PM) in the cafeteria.

Aug. 29: 6th Grade WEB Day (10-11:30 AM) in the auditorium.

Sixth Graders will participate in Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) Day community building activities.  They will visit the back to school fair during their morning session at school.