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    Counseling and Guidance Services by Position:

    School Counselor

    • Oversees all counseling/intervention activities
    • Provides individual and group counseling around social emotional, and academic issues
    • Coordinates Student Intervention Team, (SIT) and 504 Staffings and Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • Serves as parent resource regarding interpretation of academic progress, services available, and parenting skills

    School Nurse

    • Assesses the physical and emotional health of students as related to the educational process
    • Provides health counseling to students, parents, and school personnel
    • Works as a member of the multidisciplinary assessment team to assess student health status and make appropriate recommendations for modifications of individualized student education programs.

    School Psychologist

    • Conducts psycho-educational assessment (academic, intellectual, perceptual) for students who have been referred for Special Education

    2020-2021 Counseling and Guidance Team

    Bryan Manzo - 6th Grade

    Luz Santacruz-Ochoa, M.E.d - 7th Grade
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    Reema Ziadeh, M.E.d - 8th Grade
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    Don Davis - Prevention/Intervention

    Brian Stewart - Social Worker

    Naviance At Eckstein

    During the second half of January 2020, Counselors are visiting the history classrooms to deliver a lesson on Naviance. Naviance is the district’s online tool for students in grades 6th through 12th to explore colleges and career paths, analyze skills and talents with career and personality assessments and help stay on track to reach academic goals. The district provides curriculum at each grade level to encourage students to take advantage of this great resource. All the surveys and assessments that students complete are saved within their Naviance profile until they complete high school. Naviance can be accessed through the school district website.

    6th grade: Through the 6th grade Naviance presentation students will gain an understanding of why additional training is important for future success. Students will learn how information being learned in school (middle and high) can help reach post-secondary goals. Sixth graders will have an opportunity to reflect on the skills they are good at, activities they enjoy, and personal qualities they have to help explore careers they might enjoy in the future.

    7th grade: Building on the 6th grade lesson lesson, students will complete the “Career Key Survey,” where they will be asked about their interests and matched with possible careers based on their answers. Students should be bringing home a worksheet on which they list a few careers that interest them, some facts about those careers, and connections between school and career goals.

    8th grade: In preparation for the transition to high school, 8th graders take a “Learning Styles Inventory” to identify the ways in which they learn best so that they can tailor their studying techniques to be most efficient and most beneficial.