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    • One 3” heavy duty three-ring notebook.
      • Many students use a zippered binder for conveniently transporting materials between classes and home.
      • If your student struggled to keep track of their work last year, consider getting two different colored two-pocket bifold folders with hole punches. Label one folder “Work to Take Home” and the other folder, “Work to Turn In.”
      • Another approach some try is use of an “accordion” type file to store and sort their papers for classes.
    • Notebook dividers (5 tab minimum)
    • 1 packet of grid paper
    • 1 package of notecards – 3 x 5 or 5 x 7 – student choice of size
    • Pencil pouch
    • Writing supplies (no Sharpies allowed):
      • 2 dozen sharpened pencils - 6 per quarter
      • 2 dozen pens (black or blue) - 6 per quarter
      • 4 highlighters – 1 per quarter
      • 2 fine-tip black non-permanent markers (ie. Flair or Pilot brand)
    • 500 sheets of lined College rule notebook paper (125 sheets per quarter)
    • Erasers
    • Scientific calculator preferred for 7th and 8th grade math. Four-function acceptable. For higher level classes, wait for specific instructions from your teacher regarding a graphing calculator.
    • Colored pencils are highly recommended
    • Grade level specific needs:
      • EIGHTH GRADE: An additional 1.5” view binder is required for your Language Arts class. The notebook will stay at school so it can be a used binder, if preferred; 5 composition notebooks ; 80-100 college rule pages
      • SEVENTH GRADE: 6 composition notebooks; 80-100 college rule pages (2 are for Lang. Arts classes)
      • SIXTH GRADE: 5 composition notebooks; 80-100 college rule pages; simple calculator

    Individual teachers may request additional supplies once students are assigned to their classes. Teachers will provide this information during the first week of school. You can also check the website for updates.

    Donations of any of these supplies are greatly appreciated once we reopen.