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    Eckstein Middle School PTSA

    Join the Eckstein PTSA

    Our school needs the support of dedicated, involved parents. We know that everyone is busy -- but you can support Eckstein by joining the Eckstein PTSA. When our membership is large, our voice is heard. If you're not already a member, please consider joining us. PTSA dues not only support Eckstein's PTSA, but also the Seattle Council PTSA and Washington State PTSA. The PTSA works at every level from Eckstein to the Seattle School District and Superintendent to our legislature and State Superintendent in Olympia, supporting issues that are important to you and your child.

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    2019-2020 PTSA Meetings

    The Eckstein PTSA meets the second Monday of every month in the Eckstein Library at 7 pm. Board Meetings are for discussion of general PTSA business, while General Meetings are for approving changes to standing rules, approving the budget, and selecting officers - all items that must be voted on by PTSA members. We welcome everyone to every meeting, and would love to hear your ideas for building community at Eckstein.

    9/4/19 – Board Meeting
    10/14/19 –PTSA General Meeting - 7 pm
    11/18/19 – Board Meeting
    12/16/19 – Board Meeting
    1/13/20 – General Meeting - 7 pm
    2/10/20 – Board Meeting
    3/9/20 – Board Meeting
    4/20/20 – Board Meeting
    5/11/20 – Board Meeting
    6/8/20 – General Meeting - 7 pm