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    Eckstein Covid-19 Diaries
    Posted on 05/11/2020

    As we, together, experience this historic, worldwide pandemic, we are posting thoughts from our Eckstein community in our Eckstein Covid-19 Diaries.

    If you as a student, family member or staff member would like to contribute art, poems, essays or any thoughts about your experience during these historic times please contact Ms. Detering at

    Eckstein Covid-19 Diaries


    Two Names, Two Worlds

    Based on the original poem by Jonathan Rodriguez

    Auguste Snyder (14)

    Hi I'm August...........No — Auguste
    Wait — Auguste Snyder
    Hold on — Auguste Emma Snyder
    My name, Two names, two worlds
    The duality of my identity
    Like two sides of the same coin
    With two worlds there should be plenty of room
    But where do I fit?
    Where can I sit?
    Is this park taken? Or is that park taken?
    There are never quite enough parks are there?
    Two Names, Two worlds
    Where do I come from?
    Born in the City of Bellevue
    But raised in good ol' Laurelhurst
    The smell of rain and moist ground,
    of freshly baked bread and desserts
    The sound from neighbors on the street,
    Cars on the road
    And the rhythm from the birds' song outside
    I'm from the struggle of Covid-19, trapped in a house
    Of doing online school all day,
    Of doing rushed chores at the end
    Because we are stuck in a house
    And it's Covid's fault, it started this thing
    And it will wipe us all out.
    This is my paradise because I'm free
    And the reason I say this is because
    I'm not the typical extrovert who talks to everyone constantly
    Nor am I the typical introvert
    Who hides in a corner all day
    My head's in the clouds, my nose in a show — preferably Lost
    I get lost in the series and never go outside because
    Where would I go in a diseased world?
    I'm kinda impatient, so tempers are rising;
    This new life is hard
    I listen to nothing now
    Because we are quarantined
    I try to spot someone every chance I get,
    But don't make me dance
    Because my legs are broken
    I have not used them in 5 weeks
    Or my feet — I don't know the steps
    I've tried to stay calm throughout these past weeks
    I am a nuisance now to my whole family,
    A mix of monster, toddler, and an old cat
    You can find me in the living room looking at my sisters
    Trying to learn the cello
    Because there's nothing to do
    You can feel my anger but happiness too!
    My heart screams for more
    And the Anne Frank Diary, the unit my teacher told us to do
    Is a reminder of my selfishness and anger too,
    Because there are harder things than a self-quarantined world
    I am paralyzed and can't move
    A tired, untethered, content, fourteen-year-old,
    A caged rabid animal could not handle this
    I am proud to say: I can handle this
    I am proud to say, I am me
    I am beginning to appreciate that I am
    A 2020 Quarantine survivor
    I am beginning to see that this world is also a beautiful mix
    Of communication, friendship, and courage
    Is this park taken?
    Or is that park taken?
    Join me and enter any park,
    Here we'll write our own stories


    Thank You to Healthcare Workers on the Front Lines

    Noah (14), Ike (9) & Tiago (12) van der Ven

    Poem ImagePoem Text:
    Thankful for you being there for us
    Hopeful, to soon rise again
    Amazing, you are
    Nourish those in need
    Kindness is your strength
    You will defeat COVID-19
    On to a beautiful life
    Use your superpower