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    Emergency Driver Procedures & Driver Names

    The names of the Eckstein Middle School Emergency Drivers are: TBD You should remember these names.

    The following list is a guide for emergency driver procedures on the mountain.

    1. Emergency Drivers are to park in the large parking lot across the road from the ski area.
    2. Upon your arrival, check in with your program coordinator, when the bus arrives at the ski area. Also, be sure your radio is turned on and set on the appropriate channel to page you. If you do not have a radio, notify your program coordinator and make other arrangements to check on potential incidents.
    3. Make sure you have “STUDENT INCIDENT FORMS.” The forms are half sheets in size and made in sets of four on NCR paper (see routing on bottom right of form). Always carry some of these with you, as you will need them when checking someone out of the Ski Patrol.
    4. Check in with Ski Patrol about every 2 or 2 ½ hours. Let them know you work with Mohan / Youth Sports Services. Make sure you physically go to the Ski Patrol First Aid room and check the white board to see if any names appear with your program name written after student names. Also, ASK if there are any students who may have come in and for some reason there names did not appear on the white board.
    5. Identify yourself as an Emergency Driver for this program and ask for information about any of our students who are in Ski Patrol. If they have someone from our program, tell the person in charge that you would like to talk to the individual so you can fill out your STUDENT INCIDENT REPORT in case you need to contact the parent before you bring them down off the mountain. Also, tell Ski Patrol if they call the parents that we have volunteer Emergency Drivers standing by to bring the injured down off the mountain. (With the turn over of Ski Patrol staff they don’t necessarily know about our Emergency Driver program).
    6. If the parent of the injured child needs to be contacted, use your cell phone or go outside and use your radio to call a Mohan supervisor and give them the information to call the parent and apprise them of the situation. If they are not in need of immediate transportation, ask them if they want to sit in the lodge and ride the bus down at the end of the day. This is important because there may be a more serious injury later.
    7. Options for transporting an injured or sick person down the mountain: a. Take them to Overlake hospital. b. Take them to their ORIGINAL loading area at end of day.
    8. When the buses are scheduled to load, go to the Ski Patrol and stay there until you get confirmation (by radio or phone) that the buses are loaded and all students are accounted for. Then your responsibilities are over and you are free to go.
    9. If a student does not show up at the buses by the scheduled departure time you will need to wait for that student(s) and coordinate with a Mohan supervisor, so they may begin a search for the missing student(s).

    Last Updated: 10/23/12