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    The Eckstein Bands and Vocal Groups are made up of three main groups -Concert Bands, Jazz Groups and Chamber Groups. Use the letter indicated below following the group name to match the band or vocal group to the event on the Event Schedule.

    For an Overview of each band including a summary, a typical calendar, estimated annual costs and optional events and fundraising, click the Overview for each band. Scholarships are available by contacting Mr. Escobedo.

    Concert Groups

    Beginning Concert Band (A) - (No entry requirement) - Primarily for students who have never played an instrument. Overview - Beginning Band

    Junior Concert Band (B) - (Teacher Recommendation) - Primarilyfor 6th grade or other students with previous playing experience outsideof an Eckstein band. Overview - Junior Band

    Intermediate Concert Band (C) - This intermediate band plays only concert music. Overview - Intermediate Concert Band

    Wind Ensemble (F) - (Teacher Recommendation) Overview -  Wind Ensemble

    Jazz Groups

    Intermediate Concert/Jazz  - Mr. Escobedo (Teacher Recommendation) - This band plays mostly jazz music and some concert music. Their concert events are listed under (D) and their jazz events are listed under (H). Overview - Intermediate Jazz and Concert Band

    Junior Jazz Band (After School) (G) - Mr. Escobedo - Tuesday and Thursday, 3:25 - 5:00p (Interview) - After school band primarily for students who want exposure to jazz. Overview- Junior Jazz Band

    Intermediate Jazz Band (H) - Mr. Escobedo (Teacher Recommendation) - This is the same band in (D). Their jazz events are listed under (H). Overview - Intermediate Jazz and Concert Band

    Senior Jazz Band (I) - Mr. Escobedo (Teacher Recommendation) Overview - Senior Jazz

    Senior Jazz Combo (J) - Mr. Escobedo (Teacher Recommendation) - Smaller version of the Senior Jazz Band.

    Vocal Jazz (K) - Mr. Escobedo - (Interview) Overview - Vocal Jazz

    Jazz Combo (OST) (N) (Interview) - After school combo that focuses on improvisation.