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  1. For teachers using OneNote Class Notebooks, there is usually a link from the teacher’s Schoology page
  2. However, for some students that link isn’t working. In particular, we’ve found the problem with students who have a personal Mac laptop. To get there if the link isn’t working, go to the Eckstein website, the Student/Family Portals, and the Clever Portal. 
  3. Sign-in with the username followed by and the password
  4. Click on Office365 (note: if you click the heart button, it will go to the top in the Favorite area)
  5. Click on OneNote
  6. Click on Class Notebooks7. You should see the Class Notebook there!

Books from the Eckstein Library

The Eckstein Library will be open for curbside pickup and outside browsing on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30 in the back parking lot at the cafeteria. Having trouble getting there? Email Ms. Sterling

You can place a hold on a book! Follow these steps to place book on hold

  1. Log in to Clever from the Student Family Portals and The Clever Student Portal
  2. Log on with Active Directory! Put in your username followed by and your password. 
  3. Click on Library Catalog. You might have to search for Washington State and Eckstein to get to Eckstein’s. 
  4. Log in with your username and password in the upper right. Note: do NOT add! 
  5. Search for a book you want and then click Hold! If it’s available right now, Ms. Sterling will have it ready for Friday pickup. If not, you will have to wait until it comes in! 

How to submit Schoology assignments using OneDrive

  1. From the home page of the Eckstein or Seattle Schools website, click on Student/Family Portals
  2. Click on Clever Student Portal and then Log in with Active Directory
  3. Put in your username.  Make sure you add to your username! 
  4. Click on Schoology
  5. If this is the FIRST time submitting something from OneDrive, go to Resources on the top navigation bar. If you have ALREADY done it, skip ahead to finding your assignment on the course page. 
  6. Click on Apps on the left-hand side
  7. Click on OneDrive Resources App
  8. Click on Install Resource Apps
  9. Go to Courses at the top and find the assignment you need to submit. Click Submit Assignment.
  10. Click Submit Assignment
  11. Choose Resources
  12. Click on the file you want to submit! 

If you are having trouble, please fill out the survey below and email Ms. Sterling, the librarian, at

How to update and restart your computer

You should update and restart your computer at least every week. 

  1. To check for updates, click the Windows key and then find Software Center
  2. Click Updates in Software Center and Install All on the right
  3. Click the Windows key, the Power key, and Restart

Watch this 1-minute video for how to do it!

Seattle Public Schools Library Services, Library Link Information

Library Link – Digital Public Library Card for All Students

All Seattle Public Schools students have a Seattle Public Library card for digital resources! If you already have a library card, it’s like having an additional one but only for digital resources like eBooks, audiobooks, and more. 

Student’s barcode and pin

Every student’s library card number starts with 990000 (that’s 4 zeroes) and then is followed by the 7-digit student ID number found on The Source. For the example below, Percy’s barcode is 9900001234567.

Your pin is your birthdate in 4 numbers: MMDD. Example: if your birthday is January 2nd, your pin is 0102. 

eBooks and audiobooks through Libby from OverDrive

Go to Libby App website or download the free Libby app. 

Log in with your library card number! If you want to place a hold on a book, you need to add an email. You cannot use your student email because you will not be able to receive an email from outside to that student email. 

Graphic Novels (and streaming TV/movies) through Hoopla

Go to the Hoopla website or download the free Hoopla app. 

Sign-up – you will need your barcode and pin and an email address and then you will pick a password. You can use your but if you need to reset your password, you won’t be able to get a reset email so I suggest you use another if you have one or someone in your family. 

Once you sign-up you will just need to use your email and password to sign in. 

Students have emails this year! 

FYI: You can only send emails to other people with

How to use your student email:

Log in to Student/Family Portals / Student Portal with your username followed by and the password you use for everything

Go to Office 365 from the Clever Portal

Click on Outlook and to send a new message, click on New Message and then you can search for someone by their last name. Reminder: you can only send or receive emails to those with in their email. 

Watch the video of how to do it here: