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Eckstein PTSA

Visit the PTSA website for more information about the Eckstein Middle School PTSA:

Visit the PTSA website

Eckstein Annual Campaign

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Welcome Letter from PTSA Co-Presidents

Welcome to the school year! We expect it to be full of both interesting challenges and silver-lining-surprises, as we move through covid and the many other happenings in our world.

Whether you are new to Eckstein or a returning family, you are a welcomed part of a strong, caring learning community. The kids provide us with hope and inspiration. The teachers and the administration provide deep expertise and passion for public education. And the families provide strength and community. Thank you for making Eckstein a great place to learn, grow, and work.

In a time when we are all physically separated, it is important for us to come together in the ways that we can. The Eckstein PTSA hopes to help this year with a focus on making connections – between home, school and the broader community. That might mean providing teachers with extra, unique resources as they start the year with online teaching. Or that might mean partnering with other organizations to support families in need with food and technology with during covid. Or that might mean providing opportunities for us to learn together about how structural racism and inequities affect our school and students? everyday learning. Or that might mean bringing Eckstein?s needs and learnings to the Seattle and WA State PTSAs. And when we can gather again, the PTSA will be sure to host and support school events for all.

Want to be part of this? Have an idea and want to help make Eckstein even better? Want to share some of your time by volunteering? Then join the Eckstein PTSA. PTSA membership is essential to ensuring there is a strong voice and organized support for our school and our kids. All families, teachers and staff at Eckstein are welcome to be part of the PTSA. Cost should not be an issue – you can join whether or not you can contribute financially.

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Join the PTSA

The PTSA meets monthly. The first meeting of the school year is September 14th at 7:00 pm via video link . A General Meeting is set for for October 12th at 7:00 p.m. . If you would like to join any of the meetings, please connect with us at and we can provide details.

Thanks for approaching this year with a spirit of connection and collaboration, and a little dose of patience. We want your comments, questions and ideas. All of the PTSA Board’s email addresses are on the website, so please connect and get involved. Working together we can make it a positive year for our Eckstein students.
Joan Crooks and Shelley
Eckstein PTSA Co-presidents

Join the Eckstein PTSA

Our school needs the support of dedicated, involved parents. We know that everyone is busy — but you can support Eckstein by joining the Eckstein PTSA. When our membership is large, our voice is heard. If you’re not already a member, please consider joining us. PTSA dues not only support Eckstein’s PTSA, but also the Seattle Council PTSA and Washington State PTSA. The PTSA works at every level from Eckstein to the Seattle School District and Superintendent to our legislature and State Superintendent in Olympia, supporting issues that are important to you and your child.

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2020-2021 PTSA Meetings

The Eckstein PTSA meets the second Monday of every month in the Eckstein Library at 7 pm. Board Meetings are for discussion of general PTSA business, while General Meetings are for approving changes to standing rules, approving the budget, and selecting officers – all items that must be voted on by PTSA members. We welcome everyone to every meeting, and would love to hear your ideas for building community at Eckstein.