Eckstein Middle School


2021 – 2022 Academic Year

  • Eckstein Middle School has approximately 1100 total students in 6th, 7th & 8th grades.
  • There are two 30-minute mixed grade lunch periods.
  • Course Catalog 2021-22
  • Parent/Student Handbook

Daily Schedule

School hours: 8:50 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.

PE Waivers

PE Waiver Form 

DUE: Friday, January 14, 2022

Turn in to: Drop off in Main Office or email the PDF directly to

7th and 8th graders have to opportunity to waive PE when they are already getting enough physical activity outside of school. The above document is the form you will turn in to waive PE and also record the hours spent on sports or physical activity.

Most students who waive PE are using reason #3 “Directed Athletics.”. For this option, you MUST provide a verification letter from the coach OR parents can detail the hours spent in the logs provided or on extra paper. Screenshots of practice schedules are acceptable supporting documentation, just be sure to include it with the waiver at the time you turn it in.

PE Waivers are DUE ABSOLUTELY NO LATER THAN JANUARY 14TH, 2022. The registrar needs time to enter the information and edit schedules as needed.

The TOTAL number of hours needs to equal or exceed 60 hours and these hours must be accrued during THIS school year. This means you might be turning in the form before the hours are officially logged and that is OKAY. Fill out the form based on intention of participation and if anything happens we can always go back and place into PE for 2nd semester.

Schedule Change Requests

Schedule change request form. The form is also available outside the main office.

  • Semester 1 schedules will be posted on August 23 via The Source.
  • September 15, 2021 at 4 p.m. is deadline for schedule changes.
  • Schedule change form should be brought to the main office or emailed to our Registrar, Toni Morgan, at
  • No schedule changes after the 10th day of the term with few exceptions.
  • We do not allow teacher or peer requests without principal approval and even then it is with few exceptions.
  • Registrar and counselors will respond within 3 school days to email requests.
  • We do NOT honor any schedule change requests that come outside of the window. If you learn your schedule through back door methods (such as Typing Agent or Talking Points), your schedule change request will not be valid and will not take any sort of priority.

FAQ – Schedule Change Requests

When do I use this form?

If you want to change an elective like art or language.

What if I am in the wrong level class or I don’t have science, etc.?

Go see your counselor during the class period where there is a problem. No parent signature required.

Grades at Eckstein

  • Reflect what students know as related to the state and common core standards, and are able to do as demonstrated on a variety of assessments; and
  • are consistent, accurate, meaningful, and SUPPORT learning.

Our hope is that with a school-wide grading system, you and your student have a clear sense of what needs to be learned and what constitutes a successful performance. Grades are not to be used as a punishment.

At Eckstein, the letter grade means:

A = Exceeds Standard
B = At Standard
C = Approaching Standard
D = Below Standard
E = Far Below Standard/No Evidence of Learning

Contact Information

2021-2022 Grade Level Counselors:

6th Grade: Reema Ziadeh
7th Grade: Bryan Manzo
8th Grade: Meredith Bactol

2021-2022 Grade Level Administrators

6th Grade Administrator
Barb De Normandie

7th Grade Administrator
Jolene Anderson

8th Grade Administrator

Kristin Rose