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Eagles Read

Eagles Read are 50 book titles in a diverse range of interests selected by Ms. Sterling! Earn a button for every book you read, be entered in random drawings for prizes, and participate in discussions with students and staff through the year. *Special 2021-2022: This year will include books from last year’s list AND this year’s list!*

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Reading Dare

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Book Suggestions

Library Link

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    • found on the Source
  • Your library pin: birthday (mmdd)
    • example January 2 = 0102

Take a look at:

  • Libbyfor ebooks, audiobooks and more
  • Hoopla: Comics
  • Flipster: free magazines
  • LinkedIn Learning: video tutorials on everything from programming languages to video editing to graphic design and more

Interesting Links

Need resources for learning at home or online? Check these out!

Favorite Authors and Illustrators Share Favorite Resources – there are a bunch of videos of authors with cool lessons from learning how to draw a Chinese dragon from Grace Lin to a maker activity with a class pet theme from Megan Frazer Blakemore to a mini writing exercise from writer Paula Chase and lots more! 

37 Free Online Resources – there are lots of online resources that normally cost money to schools/teachers that are offering their services for free. Below are a few I’ve highlighted!

  • Book Creator App – lets students create free eBooks. You have to create an account, start the collaboration trial, and fill out a short form.
  • Elementari– write and code interactive stories! Fill out a form to request acccess.
  • Voces Digital – continue learning a language with lots of different types of exercises! You have to fill out a form to get all the resources.
  • Seterra – map quizzes for geography learning! 
  • Tynker– coding platform with activities for all ages! Fill out this form.

Seattle Public Library Online Resources – these are ALWAYS available and all students have a digital library card: 990000 followed by your 7-digit student ID # and your pin is 4-digit MMDD (ex: 0102 would be January 2nd birthday). The physical library may be closed so check out these online resources! 

Try these sites to get reading suggestions:

Your Next 5 Books
Read if You Like
What Should I Read?
Guys Read
Teen Reads
Good Reads

Looking for databases? (CultureGrams, WorldBook, Novelist, etc.)

Online Student Resources

Note: You need a username and PW to access these from home. On the Schoology library page, find the username and password or talk to Ms. Sterling!

Looking for Schoology?

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Note: Schoology is the new tool that will allow students to save files, post discussions, contact teachers, upload links for classes and is accessible anywhere there’s internet! The Eckstein Library’s Schoology page has book trailers, podcasts/videos, and interesting links.

Looking for eBooks?

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Seattle Public Library Online Resources

*Note: To use your school library card to access these resources, your library card is 990000 followed by your student ID#. Your pin is your birthdate in MMDD format. For example, Jan 2 = 0102.

freegal libby hoopla rbdigital

Resource Links

Alternative Sources to Google

Internet Public Library
Ref Seek
Seattle Public Schools Online Resources

Ancient World

Ancient and Classical Cultures
Ancient India – British Museum
Ancient India – Gupta Empires
Ancient India – Indus Valley
Ancient India – Timeline
Ancient India – Verdic Period
Ancient World Cultures

Anti-Bullying Resources

Stop Bullying (Video)


Art History Resources
How to Make a Mask (Paper & Foil)
How to Make a Paper Mache Mask
How to Make a Paper Mache Pig
How to Make a Venetian Mask

Artist Portfolios

Art History Timeline
Barbara Hepworth
Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Chuck Close
Dale Chihuly
Diego Rivera

Use for artists:

Alexander Calder
Auguste Renoir
Berthe Morisot
Claude Monet
David Hockney (adv.)
Diego Velasquez
Edgar Degas
Eduard Manet
Edward Hopper
Eugene Delacroix
Frank Gehry
Frank Lloyd Wright
Frida Kahlo
Henri Matisse
Henry Moore
Horace Pippin
Jackson Pollock
Jean Michel Basquiat
Joan Miro
Leonardo Da Vinci
Marc Chagall
Mark Rothko
Mary Cassatt
Mies Van De Rohe
Pablo Picasso
Paul Cezanne
Piet Mondrian
Rober Rauschenberg
Salvador Dali
Vincent Van Gogh
William Turner
Emily Carr
Faith Ringgold
George Rodrigue
Jacob Lawrence
John Constable
Jose Clemente Orozco
Katsushika Hokusai
Le Corbusier
Preston Singletary
Romare Bearden
Toulouse L’Autrec
Wassily Kandinsky


iCivics – fun games about government

Civil Rights

ACLU Key Issues
Army Desegregation – 1948
Army Desegregation – Gays in the Military
Army Desegregation – Milestones Gays in Military
Army Desegregation – Timeline
Army Desegregation – Women in Military
Army Desegregation – Women Military Timeline until 2008
Citizenship Issues Timeline
Civil Rights Chronology
Civil Rights Digital Library
Civil Rights Timeline in America – History Learning
Disability Rights – Info by Century
Disability Rights – Timeline starting with Ancient World 
Education Issues – Special Education
Education Issues – Timeline
Latinos – Civil Rights Timeline
Latinos – Food for Thought Prison Industrial Complex
Latinos – Food for Thought School to Prison Pipeline
Marriage Equality – History and Timeline
Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History
Voting Rights History

Computer Science

Cell Webquest
CodeAcademy – teach yourself to code!
Dog Island
Dogs and More Dogs
Gidget – Computer programming website (Use in Chrome or Firefox)

Hour of Code
Ripley’s Believe it Or Not!

Programming Learning Guide – HTML, C++, Java, Python, Ruby
Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Copyright Free

Flickr Creative Commons
Free Digital Photos
Free Range Stock

Free Music Archive
Internet Archive copyright free music
Musopen Copyright Free Music
Sound Bible Free Music
Sound Gator Free Sound Effects
Stock Vault
SXC Copyright Free Images

Digital Storytelling

FlipSnack – create online flip books
InkleWriter – Write interactive stories
My Histro – Stories with Maps


Geology Resources
Speleogenesis Glossary
USGS Geologic Glossary
Volcano Terminology

GLBT Resources

Avoiding LGBTQ stereotypes in YA Fiction
CCBC Gay and Lesbian Books
Epic Reads Gay Protagonists
GLBTQ Encyclopedia
Goodreads – Gay YA
GSA Recommended LGBT Books for Youth
It Gets Better Project
Stonewall Award for GLBT Books

Great Book Websites

Based on the Book
BiblioNasium – Virtual bookshelves
Children’s Book Council Diversity Books
Disability in Kid Lit
Gay YA book recommendations
Guys Read
International Children’s Digital Library
Juvenile Series
Mystery Book Awards

Needs login, talk to Ms. Sterling

Read if you like…
Read Kiddo Read 
Series & Sequels
Good Reads
Teen Fiction Series
Teen Reads
What Should I Read Next?
YALSA Book Awards
YALSA Hub – Your connection to teen reads

Grit videos

Can Skateboarding Save Schools?
Flu Game (short)
Michael Jordon Flu Game
Polar bear


JFK Library
Oregon Trail 
Russian Revolution
Russian Revolution symbolism
Russian Revolution Timeline
Soviet History
Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State
U.S. Presidents
Washington History

Hour of Code Week

Codec Academy

Use in Chrome or Firefox!

CodeAvengers – create Javascript game
CodeCombat – wizard coding game!
CodeHS – Give commands to Karel the dog!

Use in Chrome or Firefox! – sign-up here with code below

Use code DPBJRK and create an account!

Hour of Code Week Information
Khan Academy – Hour of Code Tutorials

Use in Chrome or Firefox

MIT App Inventor – Make mobile Android apps
Tynker – play games and learn to code!

Infographics – create your own!


50 State Facts
Digital Public Library of America
Do the Dewey
Free Rice
How Stuff Works
Story of Stuff
Wonderopolis – Wonders of the day
Young Readers Center


Quizlet Japanese 1

Managing and Organizing Information

BlendSpace – gather, annotate, share information
Padlet – Post things on internet easily
WorkFlowy – giant to-do list


Dividing Decimals

Media Sharing

Smore – Design online flyers


Collapse: Why do civilizations fail?
History of Plumbing – Babylonia
Mesopotamia Google Site
Sumerians – History Whiz


Easy Guide to Plagiarism
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Internet Public Library
Plagiarism Tutorial
Primary Source Nexus
Rudiments of Wisdom
Thesis Builder

Purdue Online Writing Lab – information about the writing process and citations

Claim/Thesis Generator – learn how to create an effective claim or thesis statement

Choose a Topic – steps to writing a good research paper

Are you plagiarizing? – Watch this to find out what plagiarism is


5 Essential Oils That Heal
Cell Information
Essential Oils Found Antibiotic Against Tonsillitis Bacteria
Facing the Future
Garbology – fun website on where waste goes
Life Has a History
Live Science – Great articles
Museum of Science and Industry
Rock Cycle Diagram
Science is Fun
Smithsonian Seriously Amazing
Squishy Circuits Lab
Stop the Population Explosion!
Yes! Magazine about Sustainability

Science Fair

Symbaloo – Geology Science Fair
Symbaloo – Human Body Science Fair
Symbaloo – Environment Science Fair
Symbaloo – Chemistry Science Fair
Symbaloo – Force & Motion Science Fair
Symbaloo – Light & Sound Science Fair
Symbaloo – Magnetism & Energy Science Fair
Symbaloo – Technology and Math Science Fair
Symbaloo – Engineering Science Fair
Google Science Fair
Astronomy: Science Experiments

Earth Science Classroom Activities
Easy Science Experiment Projects
Exploratorium Activities
Exploratorium: Snacks
Fun Science Gallery
Government Challenges
Hundreds of Science Fair Projects
Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab
Science Experiments You Can Do
Science Explorer
Science Fair Project Guide
Science Buddies Project Ideas
Science Project Corp
Supported Projects for Grades 7 and 8

Science Fair – Diseases

7th Grade Diseases and Disorders Compiled
7th Grade Science Note-Taking Template
Alzheimer’s – KidsHealth
Breast Cancer – KidsHealth
Breast Cancer – Medline
Cataracts – KidsHealth
Childhood Cancers
Diseases and Conditions – TeenHealth
Diseases – IPL 
Diseases – Live Science
Heart Disease – KidsHealth
Lou Gehrig’s Disease – KidsHealth
Multiple Sclerosis
Osteoporosis – KidsHealth
Parkinson’s – KidsHealth
Skin Cancer
Stroke – KidsHealth
Ulcers – KidsHealth

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Edudemic – One-stop-shop for everything technology
Science NetLinks

Typing Practice

Dance Mat Typing
e-Learning for Kids
Fun to Type
Power Typing
Speed Typing Online
Typing Test
Typing Word Games


Dinosaurs Were Not Alone (PBS Nova)
Endangered Plants Not Living Fossils (Yahoo News)
Eosinopteryx feathered dinosaur offers clues on bird evolution (BBC)
Fossils and Rocks (USGS)
How Did the Bird Get His Wings? (PBS Nova)
Hundreds of Dinosaur Egg Fossils Found (Yahoo News)
Reviving Extinct Animals – Mammoth (Live Science)
Siberian Discovery about Cloning Wooly Mammoths (
The Permian Puzzle (PBS Nova)
Whatever Happened to the Brontosaurus? (UnMuseum)

World Geography

Geo Guessr
World Geography Quiz Game
Actively Learn
Award winning library of royalty free music from
Copyright Free Images
Discovery Education
Information Literacy Survey
Read 180 Link
Stop the Population Explosion!

WEB Day Wednesday August 25! 

Keep an eye out for more information about WEB Day on Wednesday, August 25th, 2021! WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs and it’s a chance for 6th graders to meet with student leaders and students from different elementary schools for team-building, fun, and an intro to Eckstein.



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    The Eckstein library‘s mission is to create a sophisticated 21st century learning environment that offers a full range of print and electronic resources that provide equal learning opportunities to all students. The library is a place of opportunity that offers students access to a collection of classic and contemporary print and electronic resources, as well as the chance to explore technology that they can integrate into their learning.

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