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Athletics at Eckstein Middle School

All students interested in any of our spring sports are required to have completed paperwork (including a completed physical signed by your doctor) turned into the school in order to be cleared to turn out.  Physicals are only good for two years from the date of the exam. Students with expired physicals will not be allowed to turn out for a sport until they submit an updated physical.

SPS Athletic Forms

Here are some required forms that need to be submitted in order to be cleared to turn out for any Eckstein sports this year.

Find all the Middle School Athletic forms on the SPS Website

Note the two additional COVID forms required for students to participate!

Once complete, you can email a scan/photo of them to Mary Williams at or drop off the hard copies into the front office of Eckstein when the building re-opens.

Athletic COVID Information

Important COVID Guidelines (Please Read)

  • All players must complete three required COVID forms in the Athletic Packet.
  • All athletes and coaches are required to wear face masks when arriving at all practices and games. Face masks may be removed when players are actively engaged in athletic activity, but must be worn at all other times (on the sideline, while waiting in a cue, etc.).
  • All athletic equipment will be cleaned and disinfected before each practice and game.
  • Athletes need to bring their own water bottles (no sharing!) and practice social distancing. If practice jerseys are used, they may not be shared.
  • Students cannot go back into the school building after exiting for practices. Coaches will have an area for players to keep their personal items stored during practice. The porta potty located outside the portable classrooms is to be used for restroom breaks. Hand sanitizer will be available at every practice and in the porta potty.
  • We are excited to resume our athletic program safely!

Fall Sports (Sept – Dec)

Girls’ Soccer

2021-2022 Metro Championship

Our amazing girls varsity soccer players won the 2021-2022 Metro Championship after defeating two formidable teams in one day! Congratulations!!!!

Co-Ed Frisbee


2021-2022 Middle School Championship

Congratulations to the 8th grade varsity ultimate team for winning the 2021-2022 middle school championship in the top division for the first time in 16 years! They beat Hamilton 11 to 3, capping off a dominating season of play.

All of the ultimate Frisbee players have had an outstanding season, have shown excellent sportsmanship, and have represented our school with enthusiasm and poise! We are proud of you!

Winter Sports (Dec – Feb)


Boys AND Girls City Championship

Eckstein Boys and Girls Basketball City Champions!!

Girls Basketball

Head Coach: Lisa Barnett –

Boys Basketball

Head Coach: Stuart Michie –


Spring Sports (Mar – May)

Due to the postponement of our winter basketball season, the spring athletic season has been postponed a month.

Spring sports will begin the week of April 4, 2022.

Boys Soccer

Practices will start on every Monday/Thursday from 4:00-5:30 on the Eckstein field.

Head Coach: Shawn Kenyon –

Eckstein Varsity Boys Soccer Game Schedule 2022

April 2311:00 A.M.MeanyIngraham HS
April 3011:00 A.M.McClureEagle Staff MS
May 79:30 A.M.WhitmanEagle Staff MS
May 142:00 P.M.MadisonMemorial Stadium
May 219:30 A.M.MercerGarfield HS
June 411:00 A.M.Eagle StaffRoosevelt HS
June 11TBDPlayoffsProbably at JAMs

JV Boys Gold Soccer Schedule

SaturdayApril 238:00EcksteinHamiltonNathan Hale
SaturdayApril 308:00EcksteinJane AddamsCleveland
SaturdayMay 78:00Aki KuroseEcksteinGarfield
SaturdayMay 1411:00DennyEcksteinRainier Beach
SaturdayMay 218:00EcksteinEagle StaffCleveland
SaturdayJune 48:00Whitman JVCEcksteinEagle Staff

JV Boys Blue Soccer Schedule

SaturdayApril 2312:30MeanyEcksteinIngraham
SaturdayApril 3012:30EcksteinWhitman 2Eagle Staff
SaturdayMay 78:00Whitman 1EcksteinEagle Staff
SaturdayMay 1412:30EcksteinMadisonRainier Beach
SaturdayMay 218:00EcksteinHamiltonEagle Staff
SaturdayJune 412:30Eagle StaffEcksteinRoosevelt

Coed Track

There will be a short meeting for all players on Thursday during homeroom in the cafeteria.  

Practices will week of April 4, 2022 after school:
Tuesdays: 4:00-5:30
Wednesdays: 3:00-4:30

Head Coach: Frank Field –

Eckstein Track Meet Schedule 2022

April 2310:30 A.M.Eckstein, Hamilton, JAMs, McClure, Eagle Staff, WhitmanNEAC
April 3010:30 A.M.Aki Kurose, Denny, Eckstein, Jane Addams, Whitman, McClureNEAC
May 710:30 A.M.Aki Kurose, Denny, Eckstein, Jane Addams, Meany, WashingtonSWAC
May 1410:30 A.M.Hamilton, Eagle Staff, Eckstein, Jane Addams, Meany WashingtonNEAC
May 2110:30 A.M.Qualifying Meet: Eckstein, Hamilton, Jane Addams, McClure, Eagle Staff, WhitmanNEAC
June 410:30 A.M.Middle School Festival – Only Qualifying AthletesSWAC

NEAC – Northeast Athletic Complex – Behind Nathan Hale High School – 10750 30th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125

SWAC – Southwest Athletic Complex – Across from Chief Sealth High School – 2600 SW Thistle St., Seattle WA 98126

Girls Volleyball

Eckstein Gym

7th & 8th grade
Tuesdays & Thursdays – 4 – 5:30 pm

6th Grade
Tuesdays & Thursdays – 5:30 – 7 pm

Eckstein Varsity Girls Volleyball Game Schedule 2022

April 2311:00 A.M.WhitmanWhitman MS
April 3011:00 A.M.DennyChief Sealth HS
May 711:00 A.M.Aki KuroseChief Sealth HS
May 1412:30 P.M.HamiltonEagle Staff MS
May 219:30 A.M.Eagle StaffEagle Staff MS
June 411:00 A.M.MadisonChief Sealth HS
June 11TBDPlayoffsTBA

Eckstein JV and JVC Girls Volleyball Game Schedule 2022

April 3011:00 AMJVDennyDenny MS
April 308:00 AMJVC BlueWhitman JVFranklin HS Aux
April 3012:30 PMJVC WhiteBlaineFranklin HS Aux
April 302:00 PMJVC RedAki Kurose JVCFranklin HS Aux
May 711:00 AMJVAki KuroseFranklin HS Aux
May 79:30 AMJVC BlueDenny JVCDenny MS
May 712:30 PMJVC WhiteBlaineEagle Staff MS
May 711:00 AMJVC RedHazelwolfEagle Staff MS
May 1411:00 AMJVHamiltonEagle Staff MS
May 149:30 AMJVC BlueWhitman JVCFranklin HS Aux
May 1411:00 AMJVC WhiteSalmon BayFranklin HS Aux
May 149:30 AMJVC RedSTEMDenny MS
May 218:00JVEagle StaffEagle Staff MS
May 2111:00 AMJVC BlueHamilton JVCFranklin HS Aux
May 2111:00 AMJVC WhiteHazelwolfEagle Staff MS
May 2112:30 PMJVC RedSalmon BayEagle Staff MS
June 49:30 AMJVMadisonDenny MS
June 411:00 AMJVC BlueDenny JVDenny MS
June 42:00 PMJVC WhiteSTEMDenny MS
June 43:30 PMJVC RedBlaineDenny MS

All students interested in any of our spring sports are required to have completed paperwork (including a completed physical signed by your doctor) turned into the school in order to be cleared to turn out.  Physicals are only good for two years from the date of the exam. Students with expired physicals will not be allowed to turn out for a sport until they submit an updated physical.

If this is your first Eckstein sport, this year: Complete ALL parts of ALL forms before turning this completed packet into the main office. The packet must include clearance by a doctor on pages 3-5 of the Athletic Registration & Physical Form. If you have a current physical on file from a previous year (physical date must be within the last two calendar years), but you have NOT turned in athletic forms for another sport this year. Complete ALL parts of ALL forms, except pages 4-6 of the Athletic Registration & Physical Form . Please write “Physical on File” on pages 4-6 of that form.

If you have already been cleared for another school sport this year and there are current forms on file at Eckstein already (including a physical completed within the last two years), you only need to complete the first 2 pages of the packet:  Parent/Guardian Release Form – Basketball Safety Guidelines.

Students are not permitted to participate in tryouts or practices until all forms have been submitted and a current physical is on file at Eckstein Middle School. If you have questions about athletic forms, please contact Mary Williams at or 206-252-5010.

Athletic Coordinator: Mary Williams

Sport Forms

Access the following Athletics forms on the SPS district website.

  1. COVID Disclosure & Release Form
  2. COVID Screening Form
  3. Athletic Registration
  4. Athletic Physical Form
  5. Sport Specific Guardian Release & Warning Forms:
    • Basketball
    • Soccer
    • Track & Field
    • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Volleyball
  6. Concussion & Sudden Cardiac Arrest Forms
    •  Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Concussion Acknowledgement form (download and sign)
    • Concussion Information Sheet
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet

Students will not be cleared to participate in any tryouts, practices or competitions until all forms have been completed and approved by the Athletic Coordinator.

Participation in athletics in Seattle Public Schools requires updated forms and registration each academic year and students must have a signed physician’s physical every twenty-four months (two calendar years) on file with the school’s Athletic Coordinator. Forms can be printed by clicking the links above and hard copies of the forms are available in Eckstein’s the main office.

Weekly Grade Reports

All Eckstein student athletes must turn in a Weekly Grade Report no later than each Wednesday to be eligible to play in that Saturday’s game.

Middle school athletics are supported by levy funding that is tied to academics, so this procedure is a requirement for all SPS athletes in all sports.

Students need to print out their current grades from The Source. The must turn in this printed sheet to the main office by the end of the day each Wednesday. We encourage parents/guardians to remind your child about the requirement, too.

The Athletic Coordinator provides the coaches with a “Cleared to Play” list each Thursday based on the completed grade reports and SPS does not permit late additions to the team rosters once they arecompleted.

Players will NOT be eligible to play in a Sat game if they have not turned in an SPS Weekly Grade Report by the Wed deadline for that week.