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Registrar’s Office

Eckstein Middle School Registrar’s Office

Viewing Student Schedules

Semester 1

22-23 Semester 1 Schedules can be viewed on The Source at any time.

You can access schedules on either student or parent accounts. Directions and help with logging in are provided on the log-in screen for The Source.

Semester 2

Semester 2 schedules will appear in the same location approximately one week prior to the semester beginning.

Schedule Change Requests

Process Regarding Schedule Changes

  • Schedule changes are only granted in the first 10 days of a semester (September 27, 2022)
  • We cannot honor requests to be scheduled with specific teachers or to be with peers.
  • We will respond to your request within 3 days of receipt.
  • We cannot honor any requests that come outside of the window. If you learn your schedule through from back door methods (such as Typing Agent or Newsela) your schedule change request will not be valid and will not take any sort of priority.

How to Request a Schedule Change:

PE Waivers for Current School Year

PE Waiver Form and Due Date

PE Waiver has not been finalized for 22-23 school year and are not due until TBD. We will communicate this information out to families and make the PDF available as soon as possible. Contact the Registrar with any question.

DUE: TBD, 2023

Turn in to: Email the PDF directly to or drop off in Main Office.

PE Waiver Information

7th and 8th graders have to opportunity to waive PE when they are already getting enough physical activity outside of school. The above document is the form you will turn in to waive PE and also record the hours spent on sports or physical activity.

Most students who waive PE are using reason #3 “Directed Athletics”. For this option, you must provide a verification letter from the coach OR parents can detail the hours spent in the logs provided or on extra paper. Screenshots of practice schedules are acceptable supporting documentation, just be sure to include it with the waiver at the time you turn it in.

The total number of hours needs to equal or exceed 60 hours and these hours must be accrued during This school year. This means you might be turning in the form before the hours are officially logged and that is okay. Fill out the form based on intention of participation and if anything happens we can always go back and place into PE for 2nd semester.