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Orchestra Contact Information 2019-2020

General Orchestra email:

Instructor, Mr. Smith:

October 1st: Orchestra Parent Meeting: 7 pm in Room 117

Orchestra Families! Welcome to the 2019/20 school year at Eckstein: Stay informed by 'Opting in' to receive email updates about upcoming orchestra events. You may unsubscribe at any time. Email the orchestra chair at with your student's name and the orchestra (s) played in. We tentatively set an Orchestra potluck date! We will be posting more information soon!

Orchestra Family Potluck scheduled for September 24, 2019 at 6:30 pm in the School Cafeteria

Welcome to another great year of music with the Eckstein Orchestras. We are starting the year with an orchestra family potluck on Thursday, September 24th at 6:00 pm in the Eckstein Lunchroom .

Come and get information on this year's schedule of performances and trips, sign up for volunteer opportunities, provide input on fundraisers, meet fellow orchestra parents, and eat good food!

Plates, cups, napkins, and water will be provided. You bring the yummy food.
Student Last Names:
A through I – Desserts
J through R – Appetizers
S through Z – Main Dishes

(Please provide your own serving dishes and serving spoons)

Parent Meetings

Meeting Name Date  Time 
Potluck       September 20      6:00 pm Cafeteria
Parent meeting 1       October 9      7:00pm Room 117
Parent meeting 2       November 5   7:00pm Room 117
Parent meeting 3       December 3   7:00pm Room 117
Parent meeting 4       January 7 7:00pm Room 117
Parent meeting 5       February 4     7:00pm Room 117
Parent meeting 6       March 3    7:00pm Room 117
Parent meeting 7       April 7    7:00pm Room 117
Parent meeting 8       May 5     7:00pm Room 117
Parent meeting 9       June 2      7:00pm Room 117



Concert Date  Time 
 FALL     Friday, November 22, 2019      7:30 pm; Eckstein Auditorium
 Elementary Instrumental Music (Junior)  January TBA  Eckstein Auditorium
 WINTER  March TBA  7:30 pm; Eckstein Auditorium
 Senior Groups  March TBA  7:30 pm; Eckstein Auditorium
 Solo Ensemble  March TBA  All Day; Eckstein
 Musical  May TBA  Eckstein Auditorium
 Last Concert  June – TBA  TBA; Eckstein Auditorium

2019 / 2020 Orchestra Fundraiser

Welcome to this year’s Orchestra Fundraiser! In order to raise funds, we have decided to do something different – a direct ask. A direct ask allows us to potentially raise more money, since we will not have the overhead involved with purchasing wreaths. It will also give Mr. Smith more flexibility in using the funds we raise.

We have set a goal of $8000 to raise by Wednesday, November 27th. This money will go toward instrument maintenance, the purchase of 1 or 2 new cellos, scholarships for camps and trips, and other music enrichment opportunities. Some of you may not be aware that the Seattle School District provides no funds of any kind to the orchestra program other than Mr. Smith’s salary. Your fundraising dollars allow Mr. Smith to provide quality cellos and basses to students during school hours so that they do not have to lug their instruments to school every day, and to provide instruments to students who cannot afford instrument rental fees.

We are asking each family to donate $100 toward our goal. We realize that this sum may be too high for some families. Any amount you can give will help us meet our goal. If you can donate more than $100, know that your extra funds will offset the cost for those who cannot afford to donate.

Donations can be made online, by check, or in cash. We strongly prefer online donations. To donate online, go to: . To make sure your donation goes to the right place, enter “Eckstein Middle School Orchestra – 13411” in the “To Group” field. Checks should be made out to “Alliance for Education – Eckstein Orchestra.” Checks or cash should be placed in an envelope and returned to the designated box in the orchestra room.

All of these donations are not only tax deductible, but also eligible for any matching funds your employer may provide. The Alliance for Education acts as our 501c3 umbrella organization and their Tax ID number is 911508191. So, make sure to check with your employer about matching funds to leverage your donation

If you have any questions or need another pledge card, please contact us at . Thank you for supporting our children’s musical education!

-Eckstein Orchestra Fundraising Committee

Contact Information 2019-20

General Orchestra email:

Brad Smith:

Camp Casey Organizer:

Orchestra discussion group and email list To receive Orchestra news by email, please send your name, student's name, grade, instrument and their orchestra (Beginning, Intermediate, Junior, Senior or Community) to We will add you name to the appropriate email list associated with your student.


PARENT MEETINGS: Normally, we will have a parent meeting on the first Tuesday of everymonth in room 117 at Eckstein at 7:00PM.

WARM BEACH camps trips: we have intensive work sessions for our students. We play for about 20 hours over a 3 ½ day period, effectively giving each orchestra the equivalent of an extra month of class time.

SOLO-ENSEMBLE FESTIVAL: an opportunity for ANY orchestra student to prepare a solo, or for a group to prepare an ensemble, for adjudication and award. We provide fine local professional adjudicators, and every student receives a medal and certificate. A student need not have a private teacher to participate.

SENIOR GROUPS: showcases our top ensembles from the orchestra, band and choir.

MUSICAL: involves many Eckstein arts, visual and performing, to produce a Broadway-style musical every Spring.

Concert Dress and Behavior

BOYS should wear black dress shoes, socks, trousers, belt and tie. Boys should wear a white dress shirt, preferably a pleated tuxedo shirt. No white socks or dark T-shirts, please.

GIRLS should wear all black. Appropriate dresses and dress pants are acceptable. Please do not wear short skirts on stage. Pleases wear black shoes.

ARRIVAL TIME: Students are expected to arrive 30 minutes before a concert begins and stay for the entire concert.

BEHAVIOR: An orchestra concert is a formal affair. Appropriate etiquette includes not carrying on a conversation (this is considered very rude) and not walking in and out of the auditorium during a performance. It is also important to show appreciation with applause at the right time. In Jazz and Rock concerts, applauding after every solo is appropriate, but in formal orchestra concerts, it is polite to wait until the ENTIRE COMPOSITION is finished. This can sometimes be confusing because many compositions have more than one section, each of which is called a “Movement.” Movements are normally indicated on the program with Roman Numerals, and these movements often alternate between slow and fast. Try to save your applause until the last movement ends.

Orchestra Discussion Group and Email List

To receive Orchestra news by email, please send your name, student's name, grade, instrument and their orchestra (Beginning, Intermediate, Junior, Senior or Community) to We will add you name to the appropriate email list associated with your student.


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