Student Life

Associated Student Body (ASB)

ASB – Associated Student Body

Join the ASB Schoology Course

All Eckstein students are encouraged to join the ASB Schoology Course

How to Join:

  1. Email Ms. Poort for the course code:
  2. In Schoology, click on COURSES at the top of the page.
  3. On the right-hand side of the page click MY COURSES.
  4. Click on JOIN A COURSE
  5. In the Pop-up box type in the code you received from Ms.Poort

Why Join?

  • Check out the latest Eagles News video
  • Submit pictures to be featured in Eagle News
  • Order Spirit Gear


EMS Activity Card (ASB) – $10.00Why Buy an Activity Card?

  • To help fund our ASB activities this year. We have to pivot to online and will need funds for some tech, platforms, products, birthday beads, shipping supplies, plus games and activities.

    When we are back to in-person learning, then these would also benefit from your Activity card purchase:

  • To be able to play on an Eckstein athletic team, participate in the school play, be on the ASB, or perform in a music group
  • To get a discount on the price of activities like school dances, Talent Show, and Activity Night!
  • The ASB provides whole-school fun activities during lunches, pep assemblies, and homeroom with these funds. This gives us funding for those activities!

The purpose of the ASB at Eckstein Middle School is to represent a democratic decision-making process giving students voice and vote. The ASB is focused on supporting student activities through events that establish and continue traditions, encourage the Eagle spirit, promote student, staff, and community activities, and encourage a positive school culture.

Your student ID card, which every student receives for free (if we are allowed to do school pictures when we come back for in-person learning), becomes an ASB card when you have the ASB sticker attached to your card.

ASB cards can be purchased for $10.00 online in The Source via
Purchase the card during these dates:
09/10/20 – 9/30/20
10/29/20 – 11/18/20.

ASB Members

Student representatives of the student body who make decisions on their behalf.

  • President (must be an 8th grader)
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Class Representatives
  • Advisor(Ms. Poort)

ASB Meetings

The ASB executive board meets every week during homeroom with Ms. Poort (the advisor) to go over plans, budgets, and prepare their work. They hold monthly classroom rep meetings to get information out to the homerooms.

ASB Elections

Elections are each spring for the new board.You can join the ASB by applying to be on the exec board, or you can run for classroom rep in your homeroom. You can work on ASB projects in the full year leadership class.

Leadership Class – Full Year

To get into the full year leadership class, you need to have taken Leadership 1, or you need to be an elected officer.

Activities that the Leadership 2 class put on: Veterans day

  • Eagle Nights (dance/movie/game night)
  • Talent Show
  • March Madness basketball tournament
  • Spirit Week
  • Pep Assemblies
  • Serious assemblies
  • Fundraisers (sock drive, See’s candy sale), merchandise sales (sweats, bags, tees), lunchtime activities, and more!

Leadership Camp

In the summer, we send ASB officers and leadership students who are interested to a leadership camp put on by the Association of Secondary Principals. The camp is in August and is optional, but such a great way to learn new ideas for leadership at Eckstein!

ASB Calendar

Native American Heritage Month & Respect

11/2 -    Podcast
11/4 -    Veterans Day Assembly @ HR
11/6 -   Spirit Gear Orders End
11/9 -   Eagle News & Podcast
11/16 – Podcast
11/17 – HR Rep Meeting @ 3:15 pm
11/18 – Eagle News
11/23 – Podcast
11/25 – Eagle News
11/30 – Podcast