Eckstein Middle School

Middle School

School/Life Balance

Adapted from Dr. Laura Kastners book Getting to Calm-Cool-headed strategies for parenting Tweens + Teens

  • Adopt habits that emphasize quality time – limiting distractions
  • Be a supporter and advocate for your student’s scholastic development and challenges.
  • Commit to developing your child’s social and emotional competence Structure conversations that encourage meaningful and insightful interaction. Avoid interactions that rev up your students ’emotional brain’ and limits their capacity for accessing self-analysis.
  • Develop strong parental authority – which includes warmth, empathy and effective communication. Create a family framework that is safe and predictable.
  • Emphasize the importance of sleep and eschew the value of busyness over balance.
  • Focus on scheduling ‘fun’ activities into your family schedule to provide a break from the daily rigors of overpacked schedules.

The most common stressors identified by adolescents include:

  • School
  • Parents /Family
  • Social Life / Peers
  • Time (lack of)
  • Sports