Eckstein Middle School

Middle School

Hall/Lunch Monitor

Who: You Wonderful Volunteers
Where: The Main Office
When: Time varies dependent on day

  • Mon/Tues/Fri 11:15-12:45
    • First Lunch: 11:15-11:45
    • Second Lunch: 12:15-12:45
  • Wed 10:35-11:55
    • First Lunch: 10:35-11:05
    • Second Lunch: 11:25-11:55
  • Thurs 11:35-1:00
    • First Lunch: 11:35-12:05
    • Second Lunch: 12:30-1:00

What: Duties

  • You can volunteer for a single lunch, both lunches, leave for the break between, or even help out in other areas (such as the library).
  • You should sign in to the office every time you come and grab a volunteer badge. Once you have signed in, if you are here before First Lunch, please ask which activities are available that day, grab the Hall Volunteer box and take it with you down to the cafeteria.
  • There are hooks on the wall across from the farthest entrance of the cafeteria, where you hang signs stating which lunch time activities are open (gym, art club, library, quiet lunch, climbing wall, etc)
  • Students can only go to an activity if there are remaining passes, which the administrators or other school staff will hand out. If a student does not have a pass, they are not allowed to leave the cafeteria and wander the halls.
  • Students can use the bathrooms outside the cafeteria.
  • Watch that students are maintaining safe practices while going through the halls.
  • Let us know if any students require disciplinary action for the way they act towards you, but do not engage them yourself. We will have an administrator follow up with them afterwards.