Eckstein Middle School

Middle School

Morning Safety Support

When: Arrive between 8:20-8:30

Where: The Main Office

Who: You Wonderful Volunteers

What: Duty Stations

  • Office
    • We have three sandwich boards that need to be carried down to 30th street by 8:30.
  • 30th
    • Stand down along 30th to deter parents that attempt to drive past through the parking lot to drop off their children. 30th is a bus load/unload zone only.
    • As buses arrive, greet students and look for an needs for assistance.
    • Watch for students crossing 30th and help usher across safely.
  • 75th
    • Keep an eye out for kids wanting to cross the street, there has been a rise in people speeding along 75th and running through the red light for the crosswalk
    • Wave parents further along the street (East) so that they don’t bunch up directly in front of the school.