Eckstein Middle School

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School Supply List

School Supply List

While each student will be assigned their own laptop computer to use this year, they will also need a few supplies. All students need the supplies listed below with specific grade additions listed below:

General Supply List For ALL students

  • One 3″ heavy duty three-ring binder Many students prefer the zippered version to allow them to transport their materials from class to class. If your student does not like a 3- ring binders, other options are sets of folders for each class (6) or the use of an accordion folder to organize daily work in classes.
  • Binder dividers (a set of at least 5)
  • I pkg of notecards student’s choice for size of 3×5 or 5×7
  • Pencil Pouch
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Writing supplies 2 dozen sharpened pencils (about 6 per quarter), dozen black or blue pens (about 6 per quarter), 4 highlighters (1 per quarter), 2 fine tip black non-permanent felt tip pens (ex. Flair or Pilot brand)
  • 500 college ruled notebook paper
  • Eraser
  • Scientific calculator preferred for 7th and 8th grade level math.For higher level math classes, please await further instructions by the teacher
  • Colored pencils
  • Grid paper
  • Headphones/earbuds with microphone (preferred)
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Personal sized hand sanitizer (optional)
  • Antibacterial Wipes (optional)

Grade Specific Additions

6th Grade

  • 2 composition notebooks, college rule (Math and ELA)
  • 2 composition notebooks (Science: 1 for first semester, 1 for second semester)
  • 1 yellow highlighter (Science)

7th Grade

  • 2 composition notebooks, college rule (Math and ELA)

If taking a World Language

  • composition notebook, college rule

8th Grade

  • 1 composition notebook, college rule (Math)

If taking a World Language

  • 1 composition notebook, college rule

Student school year planner (optional)  
(The school is unable to provide them this year).      

Individual teachers may request additional supplies once students are assigned to their classes. Teachers will provide this information the first week of school.

Donations of supplies are also greatly appreciated.