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Eckstein Middle school uses FinalForms, an online system, that boosts compliance and safety. FinalForms allows you to complete and sign forms from your computer, table, or mobile device.

FinalForms saves data from season-to-season and year-to-year, meaning you will never need to enter the same information twice! FinalForms also pre-populates information wherever possible, for each of your students, saving parents/guardians time if you have multiple children. It also saves us just under 10,000 sheets of paper as each packet is over 15 pages long and we have over 600 student athletes.

You may log in any time to update information including emergency medical contacts and information. You will be required to sign your forms once per year and anytime you make an update.

A parent must create their FinalForms account first before your student is able to create their account. We ask ALL parents/guardians of athletes to use FinalForms.

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In order to participate in Eckstein sports, Before Tryouts, FinalForms must be completed.