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    Seattle Public Schools Transportation Assignments for Middle School General Education Students

    • Learn more about Seattle Public Schools Transportation at
    • For any questions or concerns about your students transportation assignment please contact SPS Transportation Department directly at:
    • You may appeal your student's transportation assignment by following the SPS Transportation Appeals Process. Appeals Process >>

    Walk Zone
    Students that live up to 1.5 miles from school are not provided transportation.

    ORCA Card
    Students that live between 1.5 and 2.0 miles from school are issued an ORCA card and can ride the Metro bus. If your student is issued an Orca card you should receive a notification in the mail that included a Conditions of Usage - ORCA and a temporary pass for the first day of school. In order for your student to receive an ORCA card they must bring a completed Conditions of Usage form, signed by a guardian and the student, to the attendance office.

    Lost ORCA cards - You may obtain a replacement ORCA for $5.50 the first time and $25 for any additional lost cards.

    School Bus

    Yellow Bus
    Students that live over 2 miles from school and are in the Eckstein Middle School reference area are provided yellow bus service by Seattle Public Schools.

    Search for Attendance Area School​

    ​If a student wishes to visit or be visited by another student and rides the school bus, a temporary bus card must be requested at the school for this purpose. Authorization for riding the school bus is based on space availability.

    In order to receive a temporary bus pass we must have written permission from the visiting student's parent/guardian prior to the end of school day. You can email this information to Katy Ryan at

    We need to know:

    • The visiting student's name
    • The bus rider's name
    • The visiting student's parent/guardian's name and phone number.

    Driving Your Student to School
    Student safety is our number one priority. Help us keep students safe by following the directions below when dropping of a student before school.

    Drop-off Now on the south side of NE 75th Street.
    Car drop-off/pick-up on 75th Street from NW building entrance to the crosswalk. Also on 30th Avenue by the southwest parking lot. Please pull ALL THE WAY FORWARD before stopping in the drop-off area. Student must be ready to exit the car when you stop. If not ready, drive around the block. No parking or waiting in the drop-off/pick-up zones 8:30 - 9:15 am & 3:30 - 4:15 pm.

    Diagram for picking up students

    Do not drop off in the Bus Zone.
    Our bus zone is small for the number of buses that use it, and the buses need to drop students off quickly and safely without the interference of other vehicles. It is illegal for a private vehicle to use a bus zone during the designated times.