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Sara Hoofnagle

Hoofnagle, Sara

Teacher-Middle School
Ann Ioannides-Bulat

Ioannides-Bulat, Ann

Teacher/Bilingual BS
Marie Jacobs

Jacobs, Marie

Special Education Assistant
Daniel Johnson

Johnson, Daniel

Teacher-Middle School


"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity."

Albert Einstein

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Kattie Jones

Jones, Kattie

Administrative Secretary

Kaune, Amelia

School Nurse
Carrie Kazala

Kazala, Carrie

Teacher-Middle School

Personal Message

Best way to reach me is via email:

You can also login to LMS Schoology through the SSD website to find out about upcoming math info!

Shawn Kenyon

Kenyon, Shawn

Teacher-Middle School

Kilaouy, Norma

Instructional Assistant

Knight, John

Prevention & Intervention Specialist

Knight, Erroll

School Security Specialist
Eleanor Kok

Kok, Eleanor

Choir Teacher

Kong, Angelina

Teacher Middle School - Orchestra

Leggitt, Stacy

Occupational Therapist
Jessica Levine

Levine, Jessica

Teacher-Middle School

Personal Message

I love to learn. Science is the best tool ever devised for understanding how the world works. Join us in the joyful discovery of learning, not only the content of science and sustainability, but how to learn.

Jeffrey Lynch

Lynch, Jeffrey

Teacher-Middle School
Bryan Manzo

Manzo, Bryan

Sixth Grade Counselor & 504 Coordinator
Damian Mayo

Mayo, Damian

Teacher-Math (Algebra 1)

Personal Message

Please contact through email: (best method)